North Galway (UK Parliament constituency)

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For the 1948-1969 constituency, see Galway North (Dáil Éireann constituency).
North Galway
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members One
Created from County Galway

North Galway was a UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning one Member of Parliament 1885–1922.

Prior to the United Kingdom general election, 1885 the area was part of the Galway County constituency. From 1922 it was not represented in the UK Parliament.


This constituency comprised the northern part of County Galway.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
1885 John Philip Nolan Irish Parliamentary Party
1890 Parnellite
1895 Denis Kilbride Anti-Parnellite
1900 John Philip Nolan Irish Parliamentary Party
1906 Thomas Higgins
1906 Richard Hazleton
January 1910
December 1910
1918 Bryan Cusack Sinn Féin
1921 Constituency merged into Galway (Dáil Éireann constituency)


'The elections in this constituency took place using the first past the post electoral system.

General Election 1918: Galway North
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Sinn Féin Bryan Cusack 8,896 68.99
Irish Parliamentary Thomas Sloyan 3,999 31.01
Sinn Féin gain from Irish Parliamentary Swing N/A