North Imenti Constituency

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North Imenti is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of nine constituencies of Meru County. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections.

It was one of three constituencies of the former Meru Central District.Its headquarters are in Meru Town

Members of Parliament[edit]

Elections MP [1] Party Notes
Kenyan general election, 1979-1983 Nteere Mbogori KANU One-party system.
Kenyan general election, 1983-1992 Jackson Angaine Kenya African National Union One-party system.
Kenyan general election, 1992-1997 Daudi Mwiraria DP
Kenyan general election, 2002-2007 Daudi Mwiraria NARC
Kenyan general election, 2007 Silas Muriuki Mazingira


Ward Registered Voters
Cathedral 3,242 Meru municipality
Central 3,095 Meru municipality
Commercial 3,281 Meru municipality
Gakoromone 3,189 Meru municipality
Hospital 3,606 Meru municipality
Kaaga 4,254 Meru municipality
Milimani 2,891 Meru municipality
Mwendantu 2,271 Meru municipality
Stadium 4,975 Meru municipality
Chugu 9,576 Meru Central County
Giaki 6,368 Meru Central County
Kiirua 10,848 Meru Central County
Kirimara 9,101 Meru Central County
Kisima 6,201 Meru Central County
Ntakira 9,913 Meru Central County
Ontulili 4,882 Meru Central County
Ruiri 7,629 Meru Central County
Thuura 7,179 Meru Central County
Total 102,501
*September 2005[2]