North Island—Powell River

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North Island—Powell River
British Columbia electoral district
Federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
Rachel Blaney
New Democratic
District created 2013
First contested 2015
District webpage profile, map
Population (2011)[1] 103,458
Electors (2015) 79,517
Area (km²)[2] 57,911
Pop. density (per km²) 1.8
Census divisions Comox Valley, Mount Waddington, Powell River, Strathcona
Census subdivisions Campbell River, Comox, Comox Valley B, Comox Valley C, Courtenay, Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Powell River, Strathcona C, Strathcona D

North Island—Powell River is a federal electoral district in British Columbia, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 1997, and again from 2015 onward. This riding was created in 1987 from parts of Comox—Powell River riding. The electoral district was abolished in 1996 when it was merged into Vancouver Island North riding.

The riding consisted of the southern part of Kitimat-Stikine Regional District, the Central Coast Regional District, the Mount Waddington Regional District, the northwest part of the Comox-Strathcona Regional District, the Sunshine Coast Regional District, and the Powell River Regional District, except Electoral Area E.

North Island—Powell River was re-created (initially called Vancouver Island North—Comox—Powell River) by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and was legally defined in the 2013 representation order. It came into effect upon the call of the 42nd Canadian federal election, which was held 19 October 2015.[3][4]

Members of Parliament[edit]

Parliament Years Member Party
North Island—Powell River
Riding created from Comox—Powell River
34th  1988–1993     Ray Skelly New Democratic
35th  1993–1997     John Duncan Reform
Riding dissolved into Vancouver Island North
Riding re-created from Vancouver Island North and
West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country
42nd  2015–Present     Rachel Blaney New Democratic

Electoral history[edit]

North Island—Powell River, 2015–present[edit]

Canadian federal election, 2015
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
New Democratic Rachel Blaney 24,340 40.21 -1.53
Conservative Laura Smith 15,840 26.17 -19.86
Liberal Peter Schwarzhoff 15,416 25.47 +19.11
Green Brenda Sayers 4,940 8.16 +3.01
Total valid votes/Expense limit 60,536 100.00   $267,287.24
Total rejected ballots 177 0.29
Turnout 60,713 75.21
Eligible voters 80,730
New Democratic notional gain from Conservative Swing +9.17
Source: Elections Canada[5][6]
2011 federal election redistributed results[7]
Party Vote  %
  Conservative 23,425 46.03
  New Democratic 21,239 41.74
  Liberal 3,236 6.36
  Green 2,623 5.15
  Others 367 0.72

North Island—Powell River, 1988–1997[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1993
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Reform John Duncan 18,255 39.31 +37.63
Liberal Al Huddlestan 11,877 25.57 +9.46
New Democratic Raymond Skelly 7,794 16.78 −35.24
Progressive Conservative Mark von Schellwitz 3,682 7.93 −16.49
National Mark A. Grenier 3,408 7.34
Green Michael Mascall 1,015 2.19 +0.97
Natural Law Wayne A. Melvin 254 0.55
Canada Party James Peter Turner 159 0.34
Total valid votes 46,444 100.0  
Reform gain from New Democratic Swing +14.08
Canadian federal election, 1988
Party Candidate Votes %
New Democratic Raymond Skelly 22,179 52.02
Progressive Conservative Michel Rabu 10,411 24.42
Liberal Allan Warnke 6,867 16.11
Christian Heritage John A. Krell 1,521 3.57
Reform Dodd W. Pellant 718 1.68
Green Michael Conway-Brown 519 1.22
Rhinoceros Philip John Hicks 299 0.70
Communist Nickolas Chernoff 121 0.28
Total valid votes 42,635 100.0  
This riding was created from Comox—Powell River, and New Democrat Ray Skelly was the incumbent.

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