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View of North Kamloops looking north from Thompson Rivers University

North Kamloops is a neighbourhood of the City of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. It is located immediately to the northwest of Downtown Kamloops across the confluence of the North and South Thompson Rivers. In 2016, North Kamloops had a population of 10,995, or 12.2% of Kamloops' total population of 90,280, and had the highest population density of any neighbourhood in the city at 2,750 people per km2.[1] North Kamloops is one of four neighbourhoods the City of Kamloops considers part of its Core, the others being Downtown, Sagebrush, and the West End - all on the south shore of the city.[2]

North Kamloops has historically been Kamloops' most socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhood, but in recent years market factors and revitalization efforts made by the City, community groups, and local businesses have begun to stimulate investment in the area, including the development of new commercial and residential real estate.


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Coordinates: 50°42′00″N 120°22′00″W / 50.70000°N 120.36667°W / 50.70000; -120.36667