North Kildare (UK Parliament constituency)

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North Kildare
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members One
Created from Kildare

North Kildare was a UK Parliament constituency in Ireland, returning one Member of Parliament 1885–1922.

Prior to the United Kingdom general election, 1885 the area was part of the Kildare constituency. From 1922 it was not represented in the UK Parliament.


This constituency comprised the northern part of County Kildare.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party Note
1885, November 28 James Laurence Carew Irish Parliamentary Party split
1890, December 1 Irish National League
1892, July 9 Patrick James Kennedy Irish National Federation
1895, July 20 Charles John Engledow Irish National Federation
1900, October 10 Edmund Leamy Irish Parliamentary Died 10 December 1904
1905, February 14 John O'Connor Irish Parliamentary
1918, December 14 2 Donal Buckley (Domhnall Ua Buachalla) Sinn Féin Did not take his seat at Westminster
1922, October 26 UK constituency abolished


  • 1 Not an election, but the date of a party change. The Irish Parliamentary Party had been created in 1882, on the initiative of Charles Stewart Parnell's Irish National League. Both the IPP and the INL split into Parnellite and Anti-Parnellite factions, in December 1890. The Parnellites remained members of the Irish National League after the split and the Anti-Parnellites organised the Irish National Federation in March 1891. The two organisations and the United Irish League merged in 1900, to re-create the Irish Parliamentary Party.
  • 2 Date of polling day. The result was declared on 28 December 1918, to allow time for votes cast by members of the armed forces to be included in the count.