North Korean parliamentary election, 2003

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North Korean parliamentary election, 2003
North Korea
← 1998 August 3, 2003 2009 →

All 687 seats to the Supreme People's Assembly
  First party
  Kim Jong il Portrait.jpg
Leader Kim Jong-il
Party Workers' Party
Alliance Fatherland Front
Leader's seat 649th
Seats won
687 / 687

PM before election

Hong Song-nam
Fatherland Front

Elected PM

Pak Pong-ju
Fatherland Front

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Legislative elections were held in North Korea on 3 August 2003. Representatives were elected for five-year terms to all 687 seats of the Supreme People's Assembly, and also to 26,650 positions in city, county, and provincial People's Assemblies.[1] All candidates were members of the three parties constituting the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland.

There was a 99.9% turnout for the election with each candidate receiving 100% of the vote unopposed.[2]


e • d Summary of the 3 August 2003 North Korea Supreme People's Assembly election results
List Seats Votes (%)
Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland 687 100.00%
Total 687 100.00%
Turnout: 99.9%

Deputies elected[edit]

District Name[3] Status
649 Kim Jong-il Re-elected
Unknown Kim Yong-nam Unknown
Unknown Jo Myong-rok Unknown
Unknown Marshal Ri Ul-sol Unknown
Unknown Ri Yong-mu Unknown
Unknown Yang Hyong-sop Re-elected
Unknown Jang Song-thaek Unknown
Unknown Kim Yang-gon Re-elected
Unknown Ri Jong-hyok Re-elected
Unknown Kim Yong-dae Unknown
Unknown Choi Yong-su Unknown
Unknown Choi Sung-chol Unknown
Unknown Ri Myong-su Unknown


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