North Labuhan Batu Regency

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North Labuhan Batu Regency
Labuhan Batu Utara
Lokasi Sumatera Utara Kabupaten Labuhanbatu Utara.svg
Country Indonesia
Province North Sumatra
Capital Aek Kanopan
Population (2010 Census)
 • Total 331,660
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

North Labuhan Batu Regency is a regency of North Sumatra, Indonesia, created in 2007 by being carved out of the existing Labuhan Batu Regency, which in 2000 covered an area of 9,323 square kilometres and had a population of 840,382 according to the 2000 census.[1] 60.99% of the regency is forested.[2] The new North Labuhan Regency had a population of 331,660 at the 2010 Census. The estuary of Panai River and Barumun River is located in this regency, and it was the seat of ancient Buddhis trading kingdom of Pannai, c. 11th to 14th century, connected to Bahal temple in North Padang Lawas Regency.


The regency is divided administratively into eight districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population:[3]

Name Population
Census 2010[3]
Na IX-X 49,690
Marbau 38,195
Aek Kuo 28,900
Aek Natas 33,341
Kualuh Selatan
(South Kualuh)
Kualuh Hilir
(Downstream Kualuh)
Kualuh Hulu
(Upstream Kualuh)
Kualuh Leidong 28,457


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