North Main (Greenville, South Carolina)

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North Main is an affluent neighborhood in Greenville, South Carolina located near the downtown area. One of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it was founded 1813 as a business location. Residential usage was expanded in 1896-7 that continued until the 1920s. Growth was slowed during the Great Depression, but then really slowed when US 29 that started in the 1930s between Greenville and Spartanburg was finally opened in 1946 following construction being halted to World War II.

The area is surrounded north of Stone Avenue, west of Mohawk Drive and Chick Springs Road; south of North Pleasantburg Drive, and east of Worley Road, Rutherford Street, and Rutherford Road.


Coordinates: 34°52′23″N 82°23′20″W / 34.873°N 82.389°W / 34.873; -82.389