North Orange County Community College District

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North Orange County Community College District
NOCCCD Logo.png
District information
TypeCommunity College District
Established1 July 1965 (54 years ago) (1965-07-01)
ChancellorDr. Cheryl A. Marshall
Accreditation(s)Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Students and staff
Students90,000 [1]
Faculty593 (full-time) [1]
1,469 (part-time) [1]
Staff732 [1]
Other information

The North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) is a community college district in Orange County, California that offers associate degrees and adult education certificates. It includes two colleges: Cypress College and Fullerton College.


The District currently has three main campuses:

Cypress College[edit]

Located in Cypress, California, Cypress College offers over degrees in 73 areas of study, 56 university-transfer majors and 176 career-certificate programs. [2] In the 2015-16 academic year, Cypress College, was home to over 16,000 students. [3]

Fullerton College[edit]

Located in Fullerton, California, Fullerton College offers over 90 associates degree programs and over 140 vocational certificate programs, as well as 25 associate degrees for transfer. [4] In the 2016-17 academic year, Fullerton College, was home to over 34,000 students. [5]

North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE)[edit]

Located in northern Orange County, California, the North Orange Continuing Education provides non-credit continuing adult education and community service classes at all three of its campus locations, as well as numerous off-campus locations. NOCE has locations in Anaheim, California, Cypress, California and Fullerton, California. Some of the classes NOCE offers include: GED/HiSET preparation, ESL, Educational Enrichment for Older Adults and even a variety of career certificates. [6]

Governance and Leadership[edit]

Board of Trustees[edit]

The main governing body of the NOCCCD is the Board of Trustees. This body is composed of seven members, including two student trustees representing Cypress College and Fullerton College, and is charged with establishing all policies that guide the general operation of the District. [7]

Working Groups[edit]

The NOCCCD has also created groups that provide recommendations in the decision-making process to the Chancellor. [8] There is a total of three groups that erve as conduits of information to and from the constituents, allowing them to be more informed about the decision-making process. The three groups are as follow:

Group Task
Governance Groups These groups can be formed at both the District- and campus-levels and serve as a liaison to bring information from the constituent group into the District-level dialogue and from the District-level governance group back to their constituents.
Organizational Groups These groups assist the Chancellor in implementing the Board of Trustees' plans and policies by coordinating operational, procedural and policy implementation.
Ad Hoc Workgroups These groups are formed to create a venue for conversations on topics deemed by NOCCCD to require timely and concentrated District-wide energy.

NOCCCD Foundation[edit]

Formed in 1987, the Community College Foundation of North Orange County (CCFONOC), or informally the NOCCCD Foundation, is a charitable organization whose goal is to assist in the achievement and maintenance of superior educational and community programs of the NOCCCD. [9] The Foundation world to achieve this goal by receiving contributions from the public, raising funds, and making contributions to educational, community, and legislative programs.

Furthermore, the Foundation currently administers the endowments of two scholarship programs for students at Cypress College and Fullerton College: the Nilane Lee Memorial Scholarship and the Walt Pray Memorial Scholarship.


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