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North Pole may refer to:

Terrestrial, celestial and planetary North Poles[edit]

  • North Pole (also known as the "Geographic North Pole" or "Terrestrial North Pole") – the northernmost point on Earth.
  • North Magnetic Pole – the shifting point on the Earth's surface where the Earth's magnetic field points directly downwards.
  • North Geomagnetic Pole – the point of intersection of the Earth's surface with the axis of a simple magnetic dipole (like a bar magnet) that best approximates the Earth's actual more complex magnetic field.
  • Northern Pole of Inaccessibility – the point in the Arctic Ocean farthest from land.
  • North Celestial Pole – an imaginary point in the northern sky towards which the Earth's axis of rotation points.
  • For information about North Poles on other planets and Solar System bodies, see Poles of astronomical bodies.


  • Originally by analogy with the Earth's magnetic field, the terms "north pole" and "south pole" are also applied to magnets in general, in order to distinguish one "end" of the magnet from the other. For this use see under Magnet and Magnetism.

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