North Portal Estates

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Map of Washington, D.C., with North Portal Estates highlighted in red

North Portal Estates is an affluent residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C. that forms the northernmost corner of the District of Columbia. North Portal Estates is bounded by North Portal Drive to the south, East Beach Drive to the west and northwest, and Rock Creek Park to the northeast. It is not set on any major thoroughfare in the city, although North Portal Drive is accessible via a rotary intersection on 16th Street NW.

Because of its isolation via the park and lack of major streets, the neighborhood is extraordinarily suburban in character, full of winding streets, detached houses on large lots, and open space. Many prominent District of Columbia city government officials have lived there.[who?]

North Portal Estates and the rest of Ward 4 are represented in the Council of the District of Columbia by Brandon Todd.

Coordinates: 38°59′36.6″N 77°2′25.4″W / 38.993500°N 77.040389°W / 38.993500; -77.040389