North Posey High School

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North Posey High School
5900 High School Road
Poseyville, Indiana 47633
United States
Coordinates 38°08′32″N 87°48′07″W / 38.142104°N 87.801916°W / 38.142104; -87.801916Coordinates: 38°08′32″N 87°48′07″W / 38.142104°N 87.801916°W / 38.142104; -87.801916
Type Public high school
Established 1959
School district MSD of North Posey
Principal Dr. Scott Strieter
Faculty 34
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 477[1] (2015)
Athletics conference Pocket Athletic Conference
Team name Vikings
Rival Mt. Vernon
Yearbook Valhalla

North Posey Senior High School is a public high school in Poseyville, Indiana. North Posey is the high school for the MSD of North Posey County, which includes Bethel, Robb, Smith, Harmony, Center and Robinson Townships in Posey County, Indiana.

North Posey was opened in 1959 after the four separate schools of Poseyville, Cynthiana, Wadesville and Griffin consolidated.



North Posey's athletic teams are nicknamed the Vikings and the school's colors are Red and Black. They are rivals with the fellow Posey County high school, Mount Vernon Senior High School. The Vikings compete in the Pocket Athletic Conference. North Posey teams compete in the following sports:

  • Boys Football
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Girls Softball
  • Boys Baseball
  • Boys Wrestling
  • Girls and Boys Basketball
  • Boys and Girls track & field
  • Boys and Girls soccer
  • Boys and Girls golf
  • Boys and Girls tennis

State championships[edit]


  • 2005 Indiana 2A Champions
  • 2006 Indiana 2A Champions


  • 2005 State Runners Up


  • 2006 State Runners Up

Marching Band State Finalist Class D

  • 1998 "Songs of the Sea"-Eighth Place
  • 2003 "pictures @ an exhibition"-tenth place
  • 2004 "Journey to clarity"-Third Place
  • 2005 "Colors of the sky"-Tenth Place
  • 2006 "Magnetism" Tenth Place
  • 2007 "Frameworks" -Seventh Place
  • 2008 "Sleep" -Sixth Place
  • 2009 "Rhythm and Rhyme" -Fifth Place
  • 2010 "Around"-Eighth Place
  • 2011 "Left"-Eight Place
  • 2014 "-RY"-Seventh Place

Marching Band State Finalist Class C

  • 2001 "Abram's Pursuit"-Eight Place

School district[edit]

MSD of North Posey County

  • North Posey Senior High School, Poseyville
  • North Posey Junior High School, Poseyville
  • North Elementary School, Poseyville
  • South Terrace Elementary School, Wadesville


96.9% of the student population at North Posey Sr. High School identify as Caucasian, making up the majority of the student body. For the 2014/2015 school year, there were 477 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12. The student body makeup is 51% male and 49% female.


North Posey High School has a 2,000 seat newly remodeled basketball court. There is also a second auxiliary gym, baseball and softball field, a soccer field, a football/track stadium and 5 tennis courts.

Former schools[edit]

  • Cynthiana Annas (1959)
  • Griffin Tornadoes (1959)
  • New Harmony Rappites (2012)
  • Poseyville Posies (1959)
  • Stewartsville Owls (1944)
  • Wadesville Red Devils (1959)
  • Fred Dowell Actuaries (1960)

Notable alumni[edit]

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