North River (Iowa)

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North River
North River Warren County Iowa.jpg
The North River as viewed from the Great Western Trail in northwestern Warren County
Country US
State Iowa
Districts Polk County, Iowa, Warren County, Iowa, Madison County, Iowa, Adair County, Iowa, Guthrie County, Iowa
 - coordinates 41°31′26″N 94°28′52″W / 41.524°N 94.481°W / 41.524; -94.481
Mouth Des Moines River
 - elevation 758 ft (231 m)
 - coordinates 41°30′54″N 93°26′49″W / 41.515°N 93.447°W / 41.515; -93.447Coordinates: 41°30′54″N 93°26′49″W / 41.515°N 93.447°W / 41.515; -93.447
The North River as viewed from a rural road in northwestern Warren County

The North River is a tributary of the Des Moines River in south-central Iowa in the United States. It is 103 miles (166 km) long[1] and drains an area of 349.2 square miles (904 km2).[2] Via the Des Moines River, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.

The North River rises northeast of Casey in southern Guthrie County and flows generally eastwardly through Adair, Madison and Warren counties, past Carlisle, into southeastern Polk County,[3] where it joins the Des Moines River 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Des Moines.[4]

In Madison County, it collects a short tributary known as the North Branch North River.[5]

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