North Road Trail

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North Road Trail
Trail along North Road median near Greta Street
Length 2km
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Cycling details
Trail difficulty Easy
Hazards Multiple road crossings
Surface Concrete
Hills Minimal
Connecting transport
Train(s) Huntingdale station

The North Road Trail provides an off-road shared-use bicycle and pedestrian path from Huntingdale station to Monash University. It includes a path running up the centre of the divided North Road in Clayton, Melbourne as well as a path on the north side of North Road from Clayton Road to Monash University.[1][2][3]

Following the Path[edit]

The trail diverges from the Station Trail about 250m south-east of Huntingdale station with a pedestrian crossing across the west bound lane of North Road. Here the trail travels along the median until Clayton Road. At Clayton Road the pedestrian crossings provide a link to the shared-use footpath that runs along the north side of North Road. Another pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Princes Highway and North Road links to the shared-use path between Monash University and Wellington Road where the path terminates.


The path has been criticised for the connections at each end of the median section and for being slow and dangerous due to the constant road crossings. Many riders choose to ride in the bus lane on the road as a result of these problems.[4]


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