North Saskatchewan Junior B Hockey League

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North Saskatchewan Jr "B"

The North Saskatchewan Junior B Hockey League was a Junior "B" ice hockey league in Saskatchewan, Canada, sanctioned by Hockey Canada. The playoff champion played-off against the winner of the Southern Saskatchewan/Prairie Junior Hockey League for the right to compete for the Keystone Cup. In 2007, the North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League joined the Prairie Junior Hockey League creating one league.


Traditionally the North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League champion faced off against the South Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League champion at the Saskatchewan Provincial Junior B Hockey Championship for the right to compete at the Keystone Cup—the Western Canadian Junior B Championship.


Team Centre
Saskatoon Chiefs Saskatoon
Saskatoon Quakers Saskatoon
Saskatoon Royals Saskatoon
Saskatoon Westleys Saskatoon
Tri-Town Thunder Carrot River

Former Teams[edit]

Team Centre
Kinistino Tigers Kinistino
Hudson Bay Saints Hudson Bay
Prince Albert Generals Prince Albert
Warman Valley Crusaders Warman
Big River Timberkings Big River

Shellbrook Knights - Shellbrook Saskatchewan Melfort TM's - Melfort Saskatchewan Meadow Lake Stampeders - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan Prince Albert North Stars - Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Battleford Breakers - Battleford, Saskatchewan

Personal History- I was a player in this league. I played for the Shellbrook Knights 1985 to 1987 and these teams were in the league at that time.

Season Information[edit]

1991-92 NSJHL Season


2007 Saskatoon Royals
2006 Saskatoon Royals
2005 Saskatoon Royals
2004 Tri-Town Thunder
2003 Warman Valley Crusaders
2002 Saskatoon Chiefs
2001 Saskatoon Royals
2000 Saskatoon Royals
1999 Saskatoon Royals
1998 Saskatoon Royals
1997 Saskatoon Royals
1996 Saskatoon Royals
1995 Saskatoon Royals
1994 Kinistino Tigers
1993 Kinistino Tigers
1992 Kinistino Tigers
1991 Kinistino Tigers
1990 Kinistino Tigers
1989 Kinistino Tigers
1988 Warman Valley Crusaders
1987 Hudson Bay Saints
1986 Prince Albert North Stars
1985 Prince Albert North Stars
1984 Saskatoon Westleys
1983 Saskatoon Westleys
1982 Saskatoon Quakers
1981 Hudson Bay Saints
1980 Melfort TM's
1979 Melfort TM's
1978 Saskatoon Quakers
1977 Team Melfort
1976 Team Melfort
1975 Saskatoon Quakers
1974 Saskatoon Quakers
1973 St Thomas Imperials North Battleford
1972 St Thomas Imperials North Battleford
1971 Saskatoon Macs
1970 St Peters College
1969 Prince Albert Knights

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