North Sea Fleet

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North Sea Fleet
Naval Ensign of the People's Republic of China.svg
The People's Liberation Army Navy jack and ensign|border
Active 1950–Present
Country  People's Republic of China
Allegiance Communist Party of China[1]
Branch  People's Liberation Army Navy
Type Naval fleet
Garrison/HQ Qingdao Naval Base, China
commander Vice Admiral Yuan Yubai

The North Sea Fleet (NSF) is one of three fleets of the People's Liberation Army Navy. In September 1950 the Qingdao Army Base was redesignated as a naval base. Following the departure of the Soviet Navy from Lüshunkou (Port Arthur), the North Sea Fleet was established in 1960 with naval bases in Qingdao and Lüshunkou.

It includes nuclear-powered submarines: five Han class attack submarines and China's single Xia class submarine ballistic missile submarine, all based at Qingdao.

The NSF has historically received primacy during the allocation of the destroyers and frigates, as its role was to be defend of north east China (including Beijing) against any amphibious attacks by Soviet Union. However, unlike the East Sea and South Sea Fleets, it has never been involved in combat.

Major naval bases[edit]

The fleet headquarters is located at Qingdao, with other major naval bases at:


The flagship of the fleet is the Harbin (112), a Luhu class destroyer.




  • 7 Jiangdao-class:
    • Datong (580)e
    • Yingkou (581)
    • Weihai (590)
    • Fushun (591)
    • Xinyang (501)
    • Huangshi (502)
    • Qinhuangdao (505)

Nuclear submarines

  • 4 Han-class SSNs:
    • ChangZheng 2 (402)
    • ChangZheng 3 (403)
    • ChangZheng 4 (404)
    • ChangZheng 5 (405)
  • 1 Xia-class SSBN:
    • ChangZheng 6 (406)

Diesel-electric submarines

  • At least 15, and possibly up to 20 Ming

Landing ships

Replenishment ships

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