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North Sheen Cemetery
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Owned byHammersmith and Fulham Council
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North Sheen Cemetery is a cemetery in Kew[1] in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (historically in North Sheen, Surrey). It is managed by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.[2]

Stained glass in the chapel

The cemetery, which adjoins Mortlake Road (the A205 or South Circular Road) and Lower Richmond Road (the A316), opened in 1909 and is still in use.[2] It is also known as Fulham New Cemetery as it provided burials for the then Metropolitan Borough of Fulham when the old Fulham Cemetery on Fulham Palace Road was full. It has a grid layout of paths and had a temporary chapel, which was replaced by a small red brick chapel in 1931.[3] The chapel is in the gothic style, designed by Arthur Holden, Fulham Borough Surveyor & Engineer, with stained glass by Antoine Acket (1918–1981) added in 1953.[4]

The cemetery includes 110 identified graves of Commonwealth service personnel in the First World War and the Second World War[5][6] and a memorial garden.[3]

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