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North Sheen Cemetery
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Owned byHammersmith and Fulham Council
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North Sheen Cemetery is a cemetery in Kew[1] in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (historically in North Sheen, Surrey). It is managed by Hammersmith and Fulham Council.[2]

The cemetery, which adjoins Mortlake Road (the A205 or South Circular Road) and Lower Richmond Road (the A316), opened in 1909 and is still in use.[2] It is also known as Fulham New Cemetery as it provided burials for the then Metropolitan Borough of Fulham when the old Fulham Cemetery on Fulham Palace Road was full. It has a grid layout of paths and had a temporary chapel, which was replaced by a small red brick chapel in 1931.[3]

The cemetery includes 110 identified graves of Commonwealth service personnel in the First World War and the Second World War[4][5] and a memorial garden.[3]

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