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North Shore Shrimp Trucks is a common term on the island of Oahu in Hawaii for a group of individually owned and operated trucks that sell mostly local, fresh shrimp along the island's North Shore, mostly near the town of Kahuku.[1] Other trucks can be found along the Kamehameha Highway from Haleiwa Town[2] to Punaluu.[3][4]

Giovannis shrimp truck Oahu Hawaii Photo D Ramey Logan.JPG

The North Shore became an important center for large scale fresh water aquaculture after the state began research and promotion efforts in 1975.[5] In 1993, Giovanni's (now Giovanni's Original White Shrimp Truck) started serving shrimp from a mobile truck, which set up a permanent location in Kahuku by 1995.[4] In the wake of its success, other trucks followed to sell the area's shrimp as tourism and residential population increased along the North Shore. Those in operation today include Blue Water Shrimp, Famous Kahuku Shrimp Truck, Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp and Seafood, Giovanni's Original White Shrimp Truck, Macky's Kahuku Sweet Shrimp, Romy's Kahuku Prawns and Shrimp Hut and The Shrimp Shack.

Each truck has a unique style and flavor but most serve both the basic garlic & butter and the hot and spicy shrimp along with their individual specialties. The servings are typically done Hawaiian plate lunch style, served with rice and/or macaroni salad.

In the media[edit]

The Travel Channel show, Man v. Food Nation, featured Giovanni's Aloha Shrimp Truck in an episode set in Oahu.


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