North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences

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North Springs Charter High School
North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences, Sandy Springs, GA Dec 2017.jpg
North Springs Charter High School is located in Georgia (U.S. state)
North Springs Charter High School
North Springs Charter High School
North Springs Charter High School is located in the US
North Springs Charter High School
North Springs Charter High School
7447 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328
United States
CoordinatesCoordinates: 33°57′33″N 84°21′55″W / 33.95916°N 84.36527°W / 33.95916; -84.36527
PrincipalMichael Scott Hanson
Enrollment1,630 (2015-16)[1]
ColorsBlue and orange

North Springs Charter High School (formerly North Springs High School, 1963-2007) is a public secondary school located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. It is the only magnet school in the Fulton County School System that offers both arts and sciences. Students may participate in the Visual & Arts component and/or the Mathematics & Science component, depending on their qualifications and abilities.

School information[edit]

North Springs Charter High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Georgia Department of Education. The majority of the 2005 graduating class (97%) attended a four or two year college, and 68% of the 2005 graduating class were HOPE scholars. North Springs was a Georgia School of Excellence, a Grammy Signature School (1997), and a U.S. News & World Report Outstanding High School (2000). It was also one of Newsweek magazine's Top 300 High Schools (2000). It gained charter status for the 2007–2008 school year.

The school has had many individual athletic achievements. It won a state title in football led by Jim Gregory[2] in 1969,[3] soccer in 1969, two state championships in wrestling in 1976 and 77, and two state championships in track and field in 2004 and 2005.

Many world-class musicians, dancers, artists, and actors have honed their talents at North Springs, including Raven Symone, Usher Raymond, and Kyle Massey.

SAT averages
Verbal Math Total
2005 Composite 542 543 1085
2004 Composite 550 558 1108
2003 Composite 532 546 1078
2005 M/S magnet 612 561 1173
2005 Arts magnet 554 535 1089
2005 Dual magnet 631 630 1261
2005 County mean 520 536 1056
2005 Georgia mean 497 496 993
2005 National mean 508 520 1028
ACT averages
NSHS System State
2005 Composite 22 21 20
2004 Composite 23 20 21
2003 Composite 21 21 20

Magnet programs[edit]

North Springs has a dual magnet program.

The mission of the North Springs Charter High School's Science Magnet Program is to provide a higher academic level of scientific and mathematics education through problem-based learning centered in technology and research. The classes offered through this program are Biochemistry; Career Math/Science–Advanced Research Methods; Microbiology; Organic Chemistry; Introduction to Research Methods in Science, Science, Technology, and Society; Science Topics/Issues–Advanced Research Methods; Topics and Issues in Medical Ethics; Topics and Issues in Engineering; and Techniques in Engineering.[4]

The Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Program is an interest-based program that enables students to receive pre-professional training that extends beyond the introductory level. The program provides exploration into such areas as music theory, history of the arts, composition, conducting, choreography, playwriting, directing, art production, and art criticism. Students are required to earn eight art magnet credits over the course of four years. The Arts Magnet is split into Theater Magnet, Choral Magnet, Dance Magnet, Film Magnet, Music Magnet, and Visual Arts Magnet.[4]

North Springs Cluster[edit]

North Springs Charter School draws students from a cluster of middle and elementary schools, which work together to complete k-12 education. The cluster includes the following schools:

Notable alumni[edit]



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