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The North Staffordshire Field Club was an organisation founded in 1865[1][2] to study the natural history, geology, industrial history, folklore and local history of North Staffordshire, England.

Its president from 1865-70 was industrialist and banker James Bateman FRS.[3]

Other notable members included:


The organisation produced its first printed book, Annual addresses, papers, etc. Author, North Staffordshire Field Club, in 1875,[1] having previously published a short Annual Report for members.[1] A history of the early years was published by R. Simms in 1886 as Coming of age of the North Staffordshire Naturalists' Field Club and Archaeological Society, 1865-1885: chronological history and bibliography of the Society. A further extensive history, including that of the various specialist sections, can be found in the Club's special 1916 Jubilee year publication. The annual transactions were then titled North Staffordshire Field Club, Transactions and Annual Report (to 1960); then became the North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies (1961 to 1985) when the title ceased.

A detailed scientific survey of The Birds of Staffordshire was issued as appendices 1-9 to the Transactions and Annual report of the North Staffordshire Field Club (Vol. 64 in 1930, to Vol. 72 in 1938).

The records and publications of the Club are held at the Staffordshire Record Office and other libraries. An index to the 1961 to 1985 run of the Journal of Field Studies was published in the first issue of Staffordshire Studies journal.

The Club's Journal was extant until at least 2000.[4]


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