North Sydney railway station

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North Sydney
North Sydney railway station entrance.jpg
Station front in October 2011
Location Blue Street, North Sydney
Coordinates 33°30′10″S 151°07′21″E / 33.5028°S 151.1226°E / -33.5028; 151.1226Coordinates: 33°30′10″S 151°07′21″E / 33.5028°S 151.1226°E / -33.5028; 151.1226
Owned by RailCorp
Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) North Shore
Distance 5.13 kilometres from Central
Platforms 4 (2 island)
Tracks 4
Connections Bus
Structure type Built over
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Staffed
Station code NSY
Website Sydney Trains
Opened 20 March 1932
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Sydney Trains   Following station
towards Epping or Emu Plains or Richmond
North Shore, Northern & Western Line
towards Hornsby or Berowra
Preceding station   NSW TrainLink   Following station
towards Wyong
Central Coast services
via North Shore
(peak hours only)
towards Central

North Sydney railway station is located on the North Shore line, serving the Sydney suburb of North Sydney. It is served by Sydney Trains T1 North Shore line services. From 4 September 2005 to 28 May 2006 it was the major terminus of the Hornsby via Strathfield line. From 2013 it is the major terminus for Emu Plains services.


The entrances to the tunnels at the Waverton end
The two pairs of platforms on either side of the roadway at Milsons Point were intended to join up at North Sydney
Platforms 1 & 2

North Sydney station opened on 20 March 1932 at the same time as the North Shore line over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.[1] Prior to the bridge's opening, North Shore line trains had diverged from the current line at Waverton to the original Milsons Point station at Lavender Bay.

The station was built in a rock cutting with a street level overhead concourse above the platforms. The station has four platforms which correspond with the four railway tracks that were designed to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At the Waverton end of the station there are four tunnels which have been cut into the rock. Unused tunnel stubs of 260 metres for proposed lines to Newport and Northbridge were cut at the same time with Chief Design Engineer John Bradfield calculating that without these, later construction of these lines would interfere with the North Shore line.[2]

From 1932 until 1958, two of the rail tracks designed for the bridge were used by trams, the latter being diverted onto Blue Street just before they would have entered North Sydney Station. After 1958 the tram tracks were removed from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and replaced by the Cahill Expressway.

Beginning in the 1968 when the North Sydney Travelodge was built, the air rights over the station have progressively been redeveloped.[3] In December 1972, the awning over platforms 3 and 4 was demolished.[4] The station became totally enclosed with the opening of Zurich Insurance House in 1984.[5]


Between April 2006 and December 2008, the station was upgraded to handle extra traffic expected with the opening of the Epping to Chatswood line in 2009. The work included an expanded concourse and the installation of escalators and lifts.[6]

Victoria Cross Station[edit]

Platforms and services[edit]

The four platforms at North Sydney can have different usages, but the outer platforms are generally the only ones used in off-peak; the middle platforms generally serve terminating trains arriving from the city. Because the four platforms at North Sydney serve a double track railway to the north and south of the station, it has significant capacity for terminating traffic.

The line north through the tunnel from Platform 3 was not laid until 1992 and commissioned in August 1993.[7][8] The tunnel roads serving platforms 2 and 3 both have a 10 km/h speed limit and are occasionally used by passenger services.

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
services to Epping, Richmond & Emu Plains [9]
terminating services, returning to Emu Plains [9]
terminating services, returning to Emu Plains [9]
services to Chatswood, Hornsby & Berowra evening peak hour NSW TrainLink services to Wyong[10][11]


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