North Tyneside Council

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North Tyneside Council
Coat of arms of North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council.png
Coat of Arms
Founded1 April 1974
Chair of the Council
Councillor Wendy Lott, Labour Party
since May 2019
Elected Mayor of North Tynesdie
Cllr Norma Redfearn, Labour Party
Chief executive
Paul Hanson
since 17th November 2018
Opposition Leader
Judith Wallace, Conservative Party
SeatsElected mayor
60 councillors
Political groups
     Labour (51)
Other parties
     Conservative (7)
     Liberal Democrat (1)
     Independent (1)
Last election
2 May 2019
Next election
7 May 2020

North Tyneside Council is the local authority of North Tyneside in Tyne and Wear, England. It is a metropolitan district council, one of five in Tyne and Wear and one of 36 in the metropolitan counties of England, and provides the majority of local government services in North Tyneside.


The current local authority was first elected in 1973, a year before formally coming into its powers and prior to the creation of the Metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside on 1 April 1974. The council gained borough status, entitling it to be known as North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council.

Political control[edit]

Since the first election to the council in 1973 political control of the council has been held by the following parties:[1]

Party in control Years
Labour 1973 - 1986
No overall control 1986 - 1987
Labour 1987 - 2004
No overall control 2004 - 2008
Conservative 2008 - 2010
No overall control 2010 - 2011
Labour 2011–present

Mayor of North Tyneside[edit]

Since 2002 the Council has had a Directly elected Mayor which means the Party with an overall majority of Councillors may not be the same Party exercising executive functions. Since 2013, the mayor of North Tyneside post has been held by Norma Redfearn[2] of the Labour Party. Her predecessor was Linda Arkley of the Conservative Party.

Mayor Years
Chris Morgan 2002 - 2003
Linda Arkley 2003 - 2005
John Harrison 2005 - 2009
Linda Arkley 2009 - 2013
Norma Redfearn 2013 - present


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