North Valmy Generating Station

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North Valmy Generating Station

North Valmy Generating Station is a 522-megawatt (700,000 hp) coal-fired power station located near Valmy, Nevada. The plant is jointly owned by NV Energy and Idaho Power.[1]

Coal is delivered to the location by the Union Pacific Railroad and originates in Utah and Wyoming.[2]


Construction was begun in 1979 by Sierra Pacific Resources on the plant.[3] The first unit went on line in 1981 and is rated at 254-megawatt (341,000 hp). The second unit followed in 1985 and is rated at 268-megawatt (359,000 hp).[1]

It is anticipated that unit 1 will be taken out of service in 2022[4] and unit 2 by 2025.[5]


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Coordinates: 40°52′48″N 117°8′54″W / 40.88000°N 117.14833°W / 40.88000; -117.14833