North West Regional Hospital

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North West Regional Hospital
Location Burnie, North West Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia, Australia
Coordinates 41°02′50″S 145°52′54″E / 41.0471°S 145.8818°E / -41.0471; 145.8818Coordinates: 41°02′50″S 145°52′54″E / 41.0471°S 145.8818°E / -41.0471; 145.8818
Care system DHHS / Private healthcare
Emergency department Yes, A+E, Intensive Care
Beds 242
Founded 1900
Website Official Website
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North West Regional Hospital is the primary healthcare facility for the north western region of Tasmania, and has two campuses, the larger at Burnie and the smaller Mersey campus at Latrobe, near Devonport, in Tasmania. North West Regional covers a population base of over 100,000 people. The hospital is hybrid public/private healthcare, with 160 public beds, and 70 private. It offers a full range of general care, and nuclear medicine service.

Under the Tasmanian government's 2007 plan to reform its health system, the Mersey Hospital was to be downgraded with certain care services transferred to Burnie.

On 1 August 2007, the Australian Prime Minister announced that the Australian government would guarantee the continued funding of a wide range of in-patient and out-patient services at the Mersey campus, and support its re-establishment as Mersey Community Hospital, managed by a community-controlled and Commonwealth-funded trust.