North Western Railway (British India)

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Fortified Northwestern Railway bridge over the Indus at Attock, 1895

North Western Railway (NWR) was a railway company in India during British rule. It was established in January 1886 under the name of "North Western State Railway" by merging the Scinde Railway, Punjab Railway, Delhi Railway, Punjab Northern State Railway, Indus Flotilla Company, Indus Valley State Railway, eastern section of Sind-Sagar Railway, southern section of Sind-Pishin Railway, and Kandhar State Railway.[1] It was later renamed as "North Western Railway (NWR)".

In 1947, at the time of partition, a major portion of North Western Railways 8,122 route kilometres (5,048 mi) was transferred to Pakistan. It was renamed "Pakistan Western Railway" in February 1961 and "Pakistan Railways" in May 1974. The remaining 3,133 route kilometres (1,947 mi) to transferred to Indian control.


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