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Coordinates: 51°29′59″N 0°3′47″E / 51.49972°N 0.06306°E / 51.49972; 0.06306

The museum from the rear of the station building

The North Woolwich Old Station Museum was a small railway museum in Newham, east London. It was housed in what was the original Great Eastern Railway terminal station building at North Woolwich railway station. The building was in use as a ticket office until 1979 when it was replaced by a more austere building on the one remaining platform. It was derelict for many years until its opening as a museum in 1984. The line was electrified in 1985 when it became part of the North London Line but closed on 9 December 2006.

The collections included historical materials on railways in East London, model trains, and a steam locomotive (not operational).

The building was also used for some local community functions.

The closure of the museum was finalised in November 2008.[1] By 2011 all externally visible displays including the rolling stock and signage had been removed.

See the article on North Woolwich railway station for the future use of the trackbed and site.

Locomotives formerly stored[edit]

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