North York River (Ontario)

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North York River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Central Ontario
County Haliburton
Municipality Highlands East
Part of Great Lakes Basin
Source Little Branch Lake
 - elevation 416 m (1,365 ft)
 - coordinates 45°18′10″N 78°13′34″W / 45.30278°N 78.22611°W / 45.30278; -78.22611
Mouth York River
 - elevation 394 m (1,293 ft)
 - coordinates 45°14′24″N 78°14′12″W / 45.24000°N 78.23667°W / 45.24000; -78.23667Coordinates: 45°14′24″N 78°14′12″W / 45.24000°N 78.23667°W / 45.24000; -78.23667
Location of the mouth of the North York River in southern Ontario

The North York River is a river in the municipality of Dysart et al, Haliburton County in Central Ontario, Canada.[1] It is in the southern extension of Algonquin Provincial Park, is in the Saint Lawrence River drainage basin, and is a left tributary of the York River.

The river originates at Little Branch Lake in geographic Clyde Township. It flows southeast, south and west to Billings Lake in geographic Bruton Township. The river then heads south and reaches the York River just upstream of Branch Lake. The York River flows via the Madawaska River and Ottawa River to the Saint Lawrence River.

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