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North (circa 1773–74)

The North ministry governed the Kingdom of Great Britain from 1770 until 1782. Overseeing in this time the Falklands Crisis, the Gordon Riots and much of the American War of Independence.[1] It was headed by the Tory Lord North and served under George III.


Office Name Term
First Lord of the Treasury
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Lord North 1770–1782
Lord Chancellor Commission 1770–1771
The Earl Bathurst 1771–1778
The Lord Thurlow 1778–1782
Lord President of the Council The Earl Gower 1770–1779
The Earl Bathurst 1779–1782
Lord Privy Seal The Earl of Halifax 1770–1771
The Earl of Suffolk 1771
The Duke of Grafton 1771–1775
The Earl of Dartmouth 1775–1782
Lord Steward The Earl Talbot 1770–1782
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of Hertford 1770–1782
Southern Secretary The Viscount Weymouth 1770
The Earl of Rochford 1770–1775
The Viscount Weymouth 1775–1779
The Earl of Hillsborough 1779–1782
Northern Secretary The Earl of Rochford 1770
The Earl of Sandwich 1770–1771
The Earl of Halifax 1771
The Earl of Suffolk 1771–1779
The Viscount Weymouth 1779
The Viscount Stormont 1779–1782
Colonial Secretary The Earl of Hillsborough 1770–1772
The Earl of Dartmouth 1772–1775
Lord George Germain 1775–1782
Welbore Ellis 1782
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Lord Strange 1770–1771
The Earl of Clarendon 1771–1782
First Lord of the Admiralty Sir Edward Hawke 1770–1771
The Earl of Sandwich 1771–1782
Master-General of the Ordnance Vacant 1770–1772
The Viscount Townshend 1772–1782
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland The Viscount Townshend 1770–1772
The Earl Harcourt 1772–1776
The Earl of Buckinghamshire 1776–1780
The Earl of Carlisle 1780–1782


Preceded by
Grafton ministry
Government of Great Britain
Succeeded by
Second Rockingham ministry