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The North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board (1943 - 1990) was founded to design, construct and manage hydroelectricity projects in the Highlands of Scotland. It is regarded as one of the major achievements of Scottish politician Thomas Johnston, who chaired the board from 1945 to 1959.

When the UK electricity supply industry was nationalised in 1948, the Board took over the assets of the Grampian Electricity Supply Company and other bodies producing electricity in the northern part of Scotland.

The headquarters of the Board were in Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh (outside the Board's operating area).


North of Scotland Electricity plc was formed in 1989 to acquire the assets the Board ahead of privatisation, however the name was later changed to Scottish Hydro-Electric plc. The board was dissolved in March 1990 and privatised in June 1991. The company's head office was moved from Edinburgh to Perth.

A further name change to Scottish and Southern Energy plc was made in December 1998 after the merger with Southern Electric plc. The brand name "Scottish Hydro-Electric" continues to be used for the company's Scottish business.

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