Northampton Corporation Tramways

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Northampton Corporation Tramways
Northampton Bridge Street.jpg
Bridge Street, Northampton ca. 1918
LocaleNorthampton, England, United Kingdom
Open21 July 1904
Close15 December 1934
Track gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Propulsion system(s)Electric
Route length8 14 miles (13.3 km)
Trams at the Cock Hotel, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, circa 1905

Northampton Corporation Tramways operated an electric tramway service in Northampton between 1904 and 1934.[1]

The tramway opened in July 1904, replacing the horse tram service previously provided by the Northampton Street Tramways Company. The horse tram service had been obtained by the Corporation in 1901 for the sum of £38,700 (equivalent to £4,130,000 in 2018).[2]

The initial services operated over 5 12 miles (8.9 km), until 1914 when an extension to Far Cotton increased the route mileage to 8 14 miles (13.3 km).

The first world war resulted in some restrictions in services, but Sunday service was re-introduced in 1919.[3]

There was some financial difficulty after the war, in 1919 the losses were reported as £2,447 on expenditure of £50,058, and by 1921 losses had increased to £8,900.[4] However, by 1924 the situation had improved and a profit of £9,000 was reported.[5]


There were 37 tramcars in the Northampton fleet:

The livery was vermilion and white.


The system was closed on 15 December 1934.

Two tram stops survive in Northampton. One is near the Racecourse and the other is on Kingsthorpe Grove.[6]


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