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Northcaucasian race (also Caucasionic race) is a term for a proposed sub-race of the larger Caucasian race prosed by Carleton S. Coon (1930).[1] It comprises the native populations of the North Caucasus, the Balkars, Karachays and Vainakh (Chechens and Ingushs).[2] [3]

Characteristic signs[edit]

Central cluster[edit]

Caucasian Avars, Balkars, Bats people, Ossetians, Ingush people, Karachays, Chechen people

  • High growth (> 170 cm)
  • Hair coarse, straight, brown (or even light-reddish-brown, light brown or blond)
  • Eyes brown and green, are found as blue (unlike other groups)
  • Face is broad (14,6-14,8 cm) is low. Angular facial features. Cheeks broad, but subtle. The forehead is low.
  • Brachycephalic (cranial index - 84-85)

Dagestan cluster[edit]

Dargin people, Lak people, Lezgin people, part of Avars

  • The growth-above average.
  • Hair coarse, straight, dark and light
  • Characteristic as dark eyes and bright
  • Mesocephalic (cranial index - 78-79), less brachycephalic (cranial index - 84-85)

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