Northcutt-Carter Route

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Northcutt-Carter Route
Dream Lake.jpg
Looking west over Dream Lake. Hallett Peak is on the left with the dramatic cliff band and prominent point.
LocationRocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA
Coordinates40°18′11″N 105°41′10″W / 40.30310°N 105.686°W / 40.30310; -105.686
Climbing AreaHallett Peak
Route TypeTrad/Alpine
Vertical Gain900 feet
First ascentR. Northcutt & Carter

The Northcutt-Carter Route is a popular technical climbing route on Hallett Peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park. The Northcutt-Carter Route is recognized in the historic climbing text Fifty Classic Climbs of North America.[1]

A massive rockfall in 1999 removed the first two pitches of the route.[2]


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