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Northeast Alabama includes the cities of Anniston, Gadsden, Talladega, and their surrounding areas in the state of Alabama. The county inclusion varies, usually only consisting of the Anniston-Oxford Metropolitan Area and Gadsden Metropolitan Statistical Area. Sometimes the city of Huntsville, and rarely Auburn, are included, they are usually separated into regions other than Northeast Alabama.


Metropolitan Areas[edit]

Rank Metro Area Population 2008 estimates
1 Huntsville Metropolitan Area 386,632
2 Anniston-Oxford Metropolitan Area 142,950
3 Gadsden Metropolitan Area 103,217

Major Cities[edit]

Rank City Population 2007 estimates Metro Area
1 Huntsville 171,327 Huntsville
2 Madison 38,275 Huntsville
3 Gadsden 36,936 Gadsden
4 Anniston 23,689 Anniston-Oxford
5 Oxford 20,329 Anniston-Oxford


Areas in italics aren't traditionally included in the NE Alabama region

Rank County Population 2008 estimates County seat Statistical Area
1 Madison 319,510 Huntsville Huntsville
2 Calhoun 113,419 Anniston Anniston-Oxford
3 Etowah 72,446 Gadsden Gadsden
4 Marshall 88,484 Guntersville Albertville μSA
5 Talladega 80,279 Talladega Talladega μSA
6 St. Clair 79,837 Ashville / Pell City Birmingham-Hoover
7 Dekalb 68,515 Fort Payne Fort Payne μSA
8 Jackson 53,134 Scottsboro Scottsboro μSA
9 Cherokee 24,545 Centre none
10 Cleburne 14,799 Heflin none

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