Northeast Bakersfield

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Northeast Bakersfield
Region in Bakersfield
Northeast Bakersfield is located in Bakersfield, California
Northeast Bakersfield
Northeast Bakersfield
Location within Bakersfield
Coordinates: 35°24′47″N 118°54′54″W / 35.41306°N 118.91500°W / 35.41306; -118.91500Coordinates: 35°24′47″N 118°54′54″W / 35.41306°N 118.91500°W / 35.41306; -118.91500
Country United States
State California
County County of Kern
City City of Bakersfield
Neighborhoods of Northeast
 • Total 45.00 sq mi (116.5 km2)
  Estimate, contains both developed and undeveloped land.
ZIP Code 93306
Area Code 661

Northeast Bakersfield (commonly known as simply The Northeast) is the northeast region of Bakersfield, California. Starting south and traveling clockwise, it is roughly bounded by East Brundage Ld, Mt. Vernon Ave, Columbus Ave, Union Ave, and the Kern River. Other boundaries are the city limits.


Growth in the northeast started in the early 1950s. In preparation of future growth, a large section of land, extending to Kern River Canyon, was incorporated into the city. However, by the 1960s, growth shifted primarily to the southwest, leaving much of the land undeveloped.[1] The area started to see increased growth in the late 90’s, but has slowed in the late 2000s.

Some areas of northeast Bakersfield, particularly the Bakersfield Country Club and homes along Panorama Drive on the Bluffs, are the most affluent neighborhoods in Bakersfield. Overall however, the Northeast is predominantly middle and upper class. It includes East Hills Mall, the city's second indoor shopping mall, which has done poorly in the recent economic downturn. It also includes Bakersfield's community college, Bakersfield College, located in Northeast Bakersfield.[2] Unlike most of Bakersfield, which sits on the flat valley floor floodplain, northeast Bakersfield is situated along rolling hills that formed a series of bluffs and are about 450 feet (137 m) higher in elevation than the rest of the city. The Panorama Bluffs provide views of the Kern River oilfields, Oildale and downtown Bakersfield.


College Heights[edit]

College Heights is almost exclusively a residential neighborhood. It is generally bounded by Panorama Drive, Fairfax Avenue, Columbus Avenue, and River Blvd. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the region, and it saw growth in the early to mid 50’s. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is Bakersfield College. That location for the college was constructed in 1956 (the college was originally founded in 1917).[3]

Rio Bravo[edit]

Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo is a mixture of residential and commercial. It generally refers to the land in the valley east of Morning Dr. Although much of the land has been incorporated into the city, it is mostly rural. Given the size of the area, it is likely that more neighborhoods will develop within Rio Bravo.

A major attraction to the area is the Kern River County Park, a large recreation area which includes: Hart Park, California Living Museum (CALM), Lake Ming, and Kern River Golf Course. This is also the location for the Rio Bravo Country Club. There were also the Mesa Marin Raceway and Rio Bravo Resort, but both have closed.

In the foothills on the northern part of the neighborhood is an extensive network of trails.[4] The trails are used for: hiking, equestrian, ATV’s, and dirt bikes. Although these trails exist, there is currently a lack of staging areas. As a result, people park their vehicles to the side of city roads to access them.


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