Northeast Conference Men's Soccer Tournament

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Northeast Conference Soccer Tournament
Sport Soccer
Conference Northeast Conference
Number of teams 4
Format single-elimination
Current stadium Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park
Current location Brooklyn, NY
Played 1989-present
Last contest 2016
Current champion St. Francis Brooklyn
Most championships St. Francis Brooklyn (7)
Fairleigh Dickinson (7)
Official website NortheastConference

The Northeast Conference Soccer Tournament is the conference soccer championship of the NCAA Division I Northeast Conference. The top four finishers in the regular season of the conference's eight teams advance to the single-elimination tournament. The tournament is held at the campus of the regular season champion. The winner of the tournament receives an automatic berth to the NCAA Division I Men's Soccer Championship. The NEC started fielding men's soccer games in 1985 and started a conference tournament in 1989, Fairleigh Dickinson won the inaugural championship.

Fairleigh Dickinson and St. Francis Brooklyn have won the most championships (7). St. Francis Brooklyn has never lost a championship game. Fairleigh Dickinson also holds the longest consecutive championship streak (4, 2000–03), followed by Monmouth (3, 2009–11). Participation of NEC Tournament Champions in the NCAA tournament has led to an over-all record of 11–20, with Fairleigh Dickinson accounting for 7 wins followed by Central Connecticut and Monmouth with 2 wins apiece.


By year[edit]

The following is a list of conference regular season champions, tournament champions and tournament MVPs listed by year.[1][2]

NEC Tournament Results
Year Champion Score Runner-up MVP Site Attendance Regular Season Champion Teams to NCAA Tourney
1985‡ Long Island Long Island
1986‡ Long Island Long Island
1987‡ Loyola
1988‡ Fairleigh Dickinson Fairleigh Dickinson
1989 Fairleigh Dickinson 6–3 (OT) Long Island German Quijano, FDU Teaneck, NJ Long Island
1990 Monmouth 1–0 Fairleigh Dickinson Jim Adams, MU West Long Branch, NJ Monmouth
1991 St. Francis (NY) 1–0 Monmouth Joni Kallioinen, MU West Long Branch, NJ St. Francis (NY)
1992 Rider 1–0 Fairleigh Dickinson Pepe St. Phard, Rider Teaneck, NJ Robert Morris
1993 Robert Morris 2–0 Long Island Brian Davis, RMU Teaneck, NJ Monmouth/Fairleigh Dickinson Robert Morris
1994 Robert Morris 2–0 (OT) Mount St. Mary's Marco Patitucci, RMU Coraopolis, PA Robert Morris Robert Morris
1995 St. Francis (NY) 2–0 Monmouth Gary Goode, SFNY Coraopolis, PA Robert Morris
1996 St. Francis (NY) 2–1 Robert Morris Victor Avwontom, SFNY Coraopolis, PA Robert Morris
1997 Long Island 1–0 Fairleigh Dickinson Andres Gomez, LIU Brooklyn, NY St. Francis (NY)
1998 St. Francis (NY) 2–0 Central Connecticut Dmitri Petrouniak, SFNY Brooklyn, NY St. Francis (NY)/Central Connecticut
1999 UMBC 2–1 Mount St. Mary's Pat Halter, UMBC Baltimore, MD 1,650 UMBC UMBC
2000 Fairleigh Dickinson 2–0 UMBC Dirceu Hurtado, FDU Teaneck, NJ Fairleigh Dickinson
2001 Fairleigh Dickinson 2–1 (4OT) Long Island Brian Romero, FDU Hamden, CT Robert Morris/Fairleigh Dickinson Fairleigh Dickinson
2002 Fairleigh Dickinson 0–0 (2OT, PK 4–3) Long Island Andrew Nucifora, FDU Baltimore, MD Long Island/UMBC Fairleigh Dickinson
2003 Fairleigh Dickinson 2–0 Central Connectict Antonio Nunziata, FDU Loretto, PA Fairleigh Dickinson Fairleigh Dickinson
2004 Long Island 1–0 Fairleigh Dickinson Jonas Stigh, LIU Teaneck, NJ Fairleigh Dickinson Long Island
2005 Robert Morris 3–2 (OT) Monmouth Jacek Przednowek, RMU West Long Branch, NJ 476 Monmouth Robert Morris
2006 Monmouth 1–0 Saint Francis (PA) Steven Holloway, MU West Long Branch, NJ 550 Monmouth Monmouth
2007 Central Connecticut 1–0 Saint Francis (PA) David Tyrie, CCSU West Long Branch, NJ 130 Monmouth Central Connecticut
2008 Fairleigh Dickinson 7–2 Mount St. Mary's Samson Malijani, FDU West Long Branch, NJ 308 Monmouth Fairleigh Dickinson
2009 Monmouth 2–1 Quinnipiac RJ Allen, MU West Long Branch, NJ 612 Monmouth Monmouth
2010 Monmouth 1–0 Saint Francis (PA) Bryant Meredith, MU West Long Branch, NJ 950 Monmouth Monmouth
2011 Monmouth 2–1 (2OT) Fairleigh Dickinson Kalle Sotka, MU Fairfield, CT CCSU/Monmouth/Sacred Heart Monmouth
2012 Fairleigh Dickinson 1–1 (2OT, PK 6–5) Saint Francis (PA) Jacob Lissek, FDU West Haven, CT 215 Quinnipiac Fairleigh Dickinson
2013 St. Francis Brooklyn 3–2 Bryant Kevin Correa, SFBK New Britain, CT 625 Central Connecticut St. Francis Brooklyn
2014 St. Francis Brooklyn 2–1 (OT) Saint Francis (PA) Andy Cormack, SFBK Loretto, PA 621 Saint Francis (PA) St. Francis Brooklyn
2015 LIU Brooklyn 2–2 (2OT, PK 3–1) Saint Francis (PA) Logan Keys, LIU Brooklyn, NY LIU Brooklyn LIU Brooklyn
2016 St. Francis Brooklyn 1–0 (2OT) Saint Francis (PA) Salvatore Barone (SFBK) Brooklyn, NY 511 St. Francis Brooklyn St. Francis Brooklyn

‡-Tournament Championships began in 1989

Champions by program[edit]

The following is a list of conference tournament champions listed by school.

Program Championship Appearances Championships Years
Fairleigh Dickinson 12 7 1989, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2012
St. Francis Brooklyn 7 7 1991, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2013, 2014, 2016
Monmouth* 8 5 1990, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011
Robert Morris 4 3 1993, 1994, 2005
LIU Brooklyn 7 3 1997, 2004, 2015
Central Connecticut 3 1 2007
UMBC* 2 1 1999
Rider* 1 1 1992
Sacred Heart 0 0
Bryant 1 0
Saint Francis (PA) 7 0
Mount St. Mary's 3 0
Quinnipiac* 1 0

* –These programs no longer competes in the Northeast Conference.

– Mount St. Mary's dropped men's soccer after the 2012 season, but will reinstate the sport for 2018.


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