Northeast Kings Education Centre

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Northeast Kings Education Centre
NKEC NS logo.png
1816 Bains Road
Canning, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 45°09′41″N 64°26′30″W / 45.1614°N 64.4418°W / 45.1614; -64.4418Coordinates: 45°09′41″N 64°26′30″W / 45.1614°N 64.4418°W / 45.1614; -64.4418
School type High school and Middle School
Motto "Coniuncti Per Scientiam"
Established September 2001
School board Annapolis Valley Regional School Board
Principal Kevin Veinot
Grades 6–12
Enrollment 1200+
Colour(s) Silver      and black     
Mascot The Titan

Northeast Kings Education Centre (NKEC or Northeast Kings), is a high school that opened in September 2001. It is located on Bains Road in Canning, Nova Scotia.

The school replaced the high schools of Kings County Academy in Kentville, and Cornwallis District High School, in Canning.

NKEC's students come from the Canning, Kentville, and Centreville areas of Kings County. Students arrive at NKEC after attending Kings County Academy, Aldershot Elementary School or Glooscap Elementary School. The school is for grade six through 12 students and is broken into a Middle School of grade 6 to 8 and a high school of grade nine to 12 students. There are about 920 students and 80 staff members in the school. Majority of the school athletic teams, clubs and committees are all run by staff members. A few teams are coached by community members.


The school has a large gymnasium that can be divided into two separate gyms so both the middle school and high school can use it at the same time, a cafeteria, a Learning Commons and 50 classrooms and labs. It has a stage that opens for viewing in the cafeteria or the gymnasium as well as an outdoor stage and seating. The school also has a soccer field, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and a rink (Glooscap Arena) all within walking distance of the campus.


In athletics, the school offers badminton, basketball, cross country, football, golf, hockey, table tennis, track & field, cheer-leading, softball, volleyball, and soccer. The school has won provincial championships in badminton (multiple), girls and boys soccer (multiple), boys hockey (multiple), girls basketball, track and field, cross country, table tennis (multiple) and division 3 football.


There are many extra-curricular opportunities available for students at Northeast Kings. Students can get involved with the Improv club (which attends the Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival each year). The Ready, Set, Cook! team provides students with an opportunity to learn about food handling, cooking, and eventually compete in a culinary arts competition. NKEC's Youth in Action group organizes fundraising campaigns each year to help support global causes, including the building of a school in Sierra Leone.

Many other special interest activities are available for students including environmental club, dance committee, students' council, TADD (Teens Against Drunk Driving), yearbook committee, youth in action, citizenship committee, leadership committees, chess club, ambassadors, and much more. Northeast Kings is lucky to have so many parents, teachers and community members who take on the roles of facilitators in many of these clubs and activities.


NKEC has a successful music program, currently under the direction of Maggie Helms. The Senior Concert Band has won gold at the Annapolis Valley Music Festival in both 2012 and 2013, winning their category in 2013, which gave them the honor of performing in the Stars of the Festival concert.


Ken Hassell: 2001-2011

Rebecca Knock: 2011-2012

Maggie Helms: 2012-present

Senior Concert Band MVP:

The award of Senior Concert Band MVP is a very distinguished honor, as it is voted on by the members of the Senior Concert Band themselves, and anyone who wins this award is very deserving of it.


Jonathan Hiseler: 2011, 2012

Ethan Anderson: 2013, 2014

Robin Gale: 2015

Nathan McNally: 2016

Noah Archibald, Nathan McNally: 2017

Students' Council[edit]



  • Presidents: Hannah Taylor, Megan Ansems
  • Vice President: Brittany Longely
  • Senior Teasurer: Mikayla Grover
  • Junior Teasurer: Noah Archibald
  • Secretary: Taylor Bickerton


  • Presidents: Isaac Payne, Julie Saunders
  • Vice President:
  • Senior Teasurer: Noah Archibald
  • Junior Teasurer: Emma Kean
  • Secretary: Taylor Bickerton

  • Fundraising Chair: Darren Higgins, Jordan Simon
  • Athletic Chair: Madeline Laurence, Kyle Keddy
  • Arts Chair: James Sweet, Erica Lent
  • Spirit Chair: Karlee Martin, Haylie Arenburg


NKEC offers a wide variety of academic opportunities for its students:

  • AP Capstone Program for grades 10 -12
  • French immersion for grades 9-12
  • Co-op 11 and 12 (community or Acadia University work placement)
  • Fine Arts Certificate
  • Various levels of courses (academic, advanced, many levels of math and English, open and graduation credits)
  • A wide variety of courses (including social studies courses such as European History 11, Psychology 12 and Sociology 12; technology related courses such as Design 11, Energy, Power and Transportation 11 and Film and Video Production 12; Biology 11/12, Chemistry 11/12, Physics 11/12; business courses such as Entrepreneurship 12; Physical Education, courses such as Dance 11 and Yoga 11 and Fine Arts courses such as Music 10-12 and Drama 10-12)
  • Career Access:The Career Access Program is a highly modified 3-year program which covers grades 10-12. Students enrolled in this program take core subjects with modifications to curriculum outcomes or Individual Program Planned (IPP) courses. Students receive important on-the-job training with local businesses through a Co-op component. An interview process demonstrating a need and a desire to be enrolled in this alternate program is required. Students in this program are focused on workplace employment following graduation.
  • Options and Opportunities (O-2): This program is developed for students who are capable of meeting regular curriculum outcomes, but may require an alternate pathway. This program also has an important Co-op component which provides opportunities for students to explore work related experiences through local businesses. An interview process demonstrating a need and a desire to be enrolled in this alternate program is required.
  • NKEC AP Capstone Program: AP courses are considered to be of equivalent to first year university level courses and can lead to a university credit if the student is successful in the course at an acquired standard. Currently NKEC offers AP Research, AP Seminar, AP Biology, AP Computer Programming, AP Psychology 12, AP Chemistry, English Literature and Composition and Human Geography via the Internet during classes held outside normal school hours.[1]
  • Correspondence courses, challenge for credit, Nova Scotia Virtual School and Independent Study options are available for students.[1]

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