Northeast of Seoul

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Northeast of Seoul
Directed by David Lowell Rich
Produced by Paul C. Ross
Written by Antonio Santean
Starring Anita Ekberg
John Ireland
Victor Buono
Music by Alan Heyman
Cinematography Herb V. Theiss
Edited by David Rawlins
Hap Dong Film Production
Distributed by Cannon Films
Release date
Running time
84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Northeast of Seoul is a 1972 American action thriller film directed by David Lowell Rich. It stars Anita Ekberg and John Ireland, with music by Alan Heyman.[1][2]


  • Anita Ekberg as Katherine
  • John Ireland as Flanaghan
  • Victor Buono as Portman
  • Yung-Kyoon Sin as Captain Lee
  • Chi-He Choi as Miss Kim
  • Oh-Sang Kwon as Smim
  • Invan Stansby as South African
  • Jae-Daf Go as Manchurian
  • Young-Sun Kak as Moh
  • Sam Chae as Chae Sakamon
  • Yong-Nam Jioe as Kang


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