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The Northeastern Buckeye Conference (NBC), is an OHSAA high school athletic conference that comprises eight high schools in Northeast Ohio.

Current members[edit]

Current league membership.
School Nickname Location Colors Tenure
Alliance Aviators Alliance Red, Columbia Blue
Canton South Wildcats Canton Red, Gray
Carrollton Warriors Carrollton Black, White
Louisville Leopards Louisville Blue, White
Marlington Dukes Lexington Orange, Black
Minerva Lions Minerva Crimson, Gray
Salem Quakers Salem Red, Black
West Branch Warriors Beloit Green, White

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Tenure Notes
Dover Tornadoes Dover Crimson, Gray
1989-1993 Founding member; left for the ECOL in 1993-94.
Northwest Indians Lawrence Red, White, & Gray
1989-2011 Founding member; left in 2011 to be independent.
Springfield Spartans Lakemore Red, Gray
1993-2005 Left for the PTC in 2005.

League history[edit]

  • The NBC was established in September 1988 and began league play in the fall of 1989. The six founding members were Carrollton, Dover, Marlington, Minerva, Northwest, and West Branch. Due to contractual obligations to the Federal League, Canton South and Louisville could not compete until the following year (1990–91).
  • Dover left for the East Central Ohio League after the 1992-93 school year and was replaced by Springfield in 1993-94.
  • Springfield left after 2004-05 for the newly created Portage Trail Conference and was replaced by Alliance in 2005-06.
  • In anticipation of having to discontinue sports due to a series of levy failures, Northwest left the conference after the 2010-11 school year and was replaced by Salem beginning with the 2011-12 school year.
  • In December 2015, discussions were held by all conference members (except Louisville) to potentially leave the NBC and create a new league without the Leopards. Three other schools were also included in the discussions: South Range, Crestview, and Beaver Local.[1]
  • On February 4, 2016, the NBC voted to disband, and all conference members besides Louisville agreed to form a new league.[2]
  • On June 1, 2016, WKBN-TV 27 Youngstown reported that Alliance, Canton South, Carrollton, Marlington, Minerva, Salem and West Branch will form the Eastern Buckeye Conference for the 2018-2019 school year, along with Canfield South Range, who will leave the Inter Tri-County League.[3] Louisville will become a league independent.[4]

Conference championships[edit]

Boys sports[edit]

Year Football[5] Cross Country[6] Golf[7] Soccer[8] Basketball[9] Wrestling[10] Baseball[11] Track & Field[12] Tennis[13]
1988-89 Minerva Began in 1989 Began in 1989 Began in 1993 Began in 1989-90 Began in 1989-90 Began in 1990 Began in 1990
1989-90 Minerva Marlington Minerva, West Branch Canton South Marlington Carrollton Marlington Louisville
1990-91 West Branch Dover Carrollton West Branch Marlington West Branch Dover Louisville, Marlington
1991-92 Louisville, Minerva, West Branch Canton South Dover Louisville, West Branch Marlington Marlington Marlington Louisville
1992-93 Louisville Dover Marlington Louisville Marlington Canton South Marlington Dover
1993-94 Louisville Marlington Marlington Northwest Minerva Marlington Carrollton Marlington
1994-95 West Branch Carrollton Marlington Northwest Minerva Canton South, Louisville Louisville, Marlington Canton South
1995-96 Marlington Marlington Springfield Springfield Canton South Springfield Springfield Canton South
1996-97 Springfield Marlington Northwest, West Branch Northwest, Springfield Northwest Louisville, Springfield West Branch Canton South
1997-98 Minerva Carrollton, Marlington Northwest Northwest Northwest Springfield Springfield Canton South
1998-99 West Branch Marlington, Minerva Carrollton, Marlington Northwest Canton South Springfield Canton South West Branch
1999-00 Louisville, West Branch Minerva Carrollton, West Branch Northwest Louisville, West Branch Springfield Carrollton Canton South
2000-01 Louisville Carrollton West Branch Northwest Louisville Marlington Canton South Carrollton
2001-02 Louisville, West Branch Carrollton Carrollton Marlington, Northwest Canton South, Minerva West Branch Canton South Carrollton
2002-03 Louisville Louisville, Marlington West Branch Northwest Canton South Northwest Marlington Carrollton, Marlington
2003-04 Northwest Marlington Northwest West Branch Northwest Northwest Louisville Marlington
2004-05 Carrollton Minerva Carrollton Marlington Carrollton, Louisville West Branch Louisville West Branch
2005-06 Louisville Marlington West Branch Marlington Carrollton, Northwest Northwest Alliance Alliance Louisville
2006-07 Alliance, Northwest Louisville West Branch Marlington Alliance, Louisville West Branch Canton South Alliance Canton South
2007-08 Northwest Louisville Louisville Alliance Alliance, Marlington, Northwest West Branch Alliance, Marlington Marlington Louisville
2008-09 Louisville Louisville Louisville Alliance Minerva West Branch Alliance Marlington, Northwest Louisville
2009-10 Louisville Louisville Northwest Alliance, Marlington Louisville West Branch Louisville Marlington Louisville
2010-11 Marlington Louisville Northwest Marlington Carrollton West Branch Louisville Louisville, Marlington Alliance
2011-12 Minerva Louisville Marlington Marlington Alliance West Branch Canton South Salem Louisville, Salem
2012-13 West Branch Louisville Carrollton Marlington Canton South West Branch Canton South Salem Louisville
2013-14 Louisville Louisville Carrollton, Marlington West Branch Alliance West Branch Canton South, Marlington, West Branch Louisville Louisville
2014-15 Louisville Louisville Carrollton, Louisville Marlington, Minerva, West Branch Louisville Carrollton West Branch West Branch Louisville
2015-16 Louisville Louisville Marlington, Louisville Minerva Alliance Carrollton Marlington Salem, Marlington Louisville
2016-17 Marlington Louisville Marlington Louisville Alliance, Louisville Carrollton

Girls sports[edit]

Year Cross Country[14] Golf[15] Soccer[16] Tennis[17] Volleyball[18] Basketball[19] Softball[20] Track & Field[21]
1989-90 Marlington Began in 2011 Began in 2003 Began in 1990 Louisville Louisville, West Branch Northwest Dover
1990-91 Marlington Louisville Northwest Louisville Northwest Dover
1991-92 Dover Louisville Canton South Louisville Northwest Dover
1992-93 Dover Louisville Canton South Marlington Carrollton, Marlington Dover, Marlington
1993-94 Marlington, Minerva Northwest Carrollton Springfield Minerva
1994-95 Marlington Canton South Carrollton Springfield Marlington
1995-96 Marlington Canton South West Branch Springfield Marlington
1996-97 Marlington Northwest West Branch Springfield Marlington
1997-98 Marlington Northwest Minerva Springfield Marlington
1998-99 Marlington Northwest West Branch Springfield Carrollton
1999-00 Marlington West Branch West Branch Marlington, Springfield West Branch
2000-01 Minerva Louisville Carrollton, West Branch Marlington, Springfield West Branch
2001-02 Carrollton Minerva West Branch Louisville, Marlington West Branch
2002-03 Minerva West Branch West Branch Marlington West Branch
2003-04 Minerva Marlington Carrollton, Louisville West Branch Marlington West Branch
2004-05 Minerva Marlington Northwest West Branch Marlington West Branch
2005-06 Marlington Marlington, West Branch Louisville Louisville, Northwest Louisville Canton South Marlington, West Branch
2006-07 Marlington Marlington Canton South, Marlington Northwest Louisville Northwest West Branch
2007-08 Louisville Marlington Marlington Minerva Louisville, Northwest Northwest Louisville
2008-09 Minerva Northwest Canton South Northwest Canton South Louisville Louisville
2009-10 Louisville Marlington Canton South Northwest Minerva Louisville Louisville
2010-11 Louisville Marlington Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville
2011-12 Louisville Louisville Marlington, West Branch Louisville Salem Louisville Louisville Louisville
2012-13 Louisville Carrollton Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville, West Branch Louisville West Branch
2013-14 Carrollton Louisville Louisville Louisville Carrollton Carrollton Louisville Louisville
2014-15 Marlington Louisville, Minerva West Branch Louisville Carrollton West Branch Louisville Louisville
2015-16 Marlington Louisville West Branch Louisville Louisville Louisville, Carrollton Louisville Carrollton, Minerva
2016-17 Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville West Branch

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