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NorthernBlues Music
FounderFred Litwin
Country of originCanada
LocationToronto, Ontario
Official websiteNorthernBlues Music official website

NorthernBlues Music is a Canadian independent record label, which specializes in blues music. The label was established in 2001, and a number of its artists and albums have since been nominated for and won Blues Music Awards. President Fred Litwin founded the company to "add substantially to the blues repertoire" with interesting, original music.



Date No. Artist Title Remarks
6 March 2001 NBM0001 JW-Jones Blues Band Defibrillatin'
6 March 2001 NBM0002 Otis Taylor White African
31 July 2001 NBM0005 Paul Reddick and The Sidemen Rattlebag
6 November 2001 NBM0006 Archie Edwards The Toronto Sessions
2 April 2002 NBM0007 Otis Taylor Respect The Dead
18 June 2002 NBM0010 JW-Jones Blues Band Bogart's Bounce
4 June 2002 NBM0012 David Jacobs Strain Stuck On The Way Back
1 October 2002 NBM0013 NorthernBlues Gospel Allstars Saved!
4 February 2003 NBM0014 Harry Manx/Kevin Breit Jubilee
20 May 2003 NBM0015 James Cohen High Side of Lowdown
17 June 2003 NBM0016 Tony Lynn Washington Been So Long
15 July 2003 NBM0017 Various Artists Johnny's Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
7 October 2003 NBM0500 Various Artists Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
2 September 2003 NBM0018 Glamourpuss Wine and Wood
2 March 2004 NBM0019 Taxi Chain Smarten Up
20 April 2004 NBM0020 John and The Sisters John and The Sisters
18 May 2004 NBM0021 JW-Jones Blues Band My Kind of Evil
7 September 2004 NBM0022 Janiva Magness Bury Him At The Crossroads[1]
5 October 2004 NBM0023 Dan Treanor and Frankie Lee African Wind
7 September 2004 NBM0024 David Jacobs Strain Ocean Or A Teardrop
7 October 2004 NBM0025 Paul Reddick Villanelle
8 February 2005 NBM0026 Carlos del Junco Blues Mongrel
8 February 2005 NBM0027 Eddie Turner Rise
17 May 2005 NBM0028 Chris Beard Live Wire
19 April 2005 NBM0029 Mem Shannon I'm From Phunkville
13 September 2005 NBM0011 Brian Blain Overqualified For The Blues
12 July 2005 NBM0030 Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie Hungry Ghosts
NBM0031 Glamourpuss Bluesman's Prayer
14 February 2006 NBM0032 Watermelon Slim And The Workers Untitled
7 March 2006 NBM0033 Janiva Magness Do I Move You?[2]
15 August 2006 NBM0034 The Sisters Euclid (Kevin Breit) Run Neil Run
18 April 2006 NBM0035 JW-Jones Blues Band Kissing In 29 Days
6 June 2006 NBM0036 Eddie Turner The Turner Diaries
October 2006 NBM0037 The Twisters After The Storm
17 April 2007 NBM0038 Watermelon Slim The Wheelman
17 April 2007 NBM0039 Dog Cox and Salil Bhatt Slide To Freedom
22 May 2007 NBM0040 Paul Reddick Revue
10 July 2007 NBM0041 Mem Shannon Live: A Night At Tipitina's
4 September 2007 NBM0042 Mason Casey Sofa King Badass
1 April 2008 NBM0043 Samuel James Songs Famed For Sorrow And Joy
18 March 2008 NBM0044 Moreland And Arbuckle 1861
13 May 2008 NBM0046 JW-Jones Blueslisted
24 June 2008 NBM0047 Watermelon Slim No Paid Holidays
10 June 2008 NBM0048 The Homemade Jamz Blues Band Pay Me No Mind
19 August 2008 NBM0300 Various Artists The Future Of The Blues: Volume III
2 September 2008 NBM0051 Carlos del Junco Steady Movin'
14 October 2008 NBM0050 Paul Reddick SugarBird
April 2009 NBM0052 Zac Harmon From the Root
March 2009 NBM0053 Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt Slide to Freedom 2
June 9, 2009 NBM0055 Homemad Jamz Blues Band I Got Blues For You
July 2009 NBM0054 Watermelon Slim Escape from the Chicken Coop
September 2009 NBM0056 Samuel James For Rosa, Maeve and Noreen
June 2010 NBM0059 Watermelon Slim Ringers
July 2010 NBM0057 Eddie Turner Miracles & Demons

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