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The Northern 10 Athletic Conference (or Northern 10/N10 as it has already been nicknamed) is an OHSAA athletic conference that is currently made up of nine schools from northern Ohio and began athletic competition in 2014. Six schools (Buckeye Central, Bucyrus, Colonel Crawford, Upper Sandusky, and Wynford) came from the North Central Conference, three (Carey, Mohawk, and Seneca East) came from the Midland Athletic League, and one (Ridgedale) came from the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference In 2014 the crestline bulldogs drop out of the n10 conference to join the mid-buckeye league,witch left the n10 conference down to 9 schools .[1] Riverdale was also supposed to come over from the North Central Conference, but had its membership terminated when it accepted an invitation to the Blanchard Valley Conference. The creation of the league effectively disbanded the North Central Conference as its four remaining members would eventually agree to join other leagues by 2014. .[2]

In April 2013, Blanchard Valley Conference President Traci Conley indicated the BVC wanted to expand to 14 members and sent an invitation to Riverdale High School, which is located in Hancock County, Ohio with most BVC schools.[3] Riverdale accepted the BVC's invitation on April 22, 2013.[4] In June 2013, the N10 invited Upper Sandusky to take Riverdale's place in 2014, after the Rams had agreed to join the MOAC.[5] Upper Sandusky accepted the offer[6] and joined the N10 in all sports except football, which jumped over in 2015.[7]

In December 2014, Crestline announced that it would leave to join the Mid-Buckeye Conference in 2015-16, which they felt would be a more competitive league for the Bulldogs.[8] This will leave the N10 with nine members again for the time being.


League membership as of 2015-16.
School Nickname Location Region Colors[9] Notes
Buckeye Central Bucks New Washington 7:24 Scarlet, Gray
Bucyrus Redmen Bucyrus 5:16 Red, White
Carey Blue Devils Carey 6:20 Blue, White
Colonel Crawford Eagles North Robinson 6:20 Black, Gold
Mohawk Warriors Sycamore 7:24 Red, Black
Ridgedale Rockets Morral 7:24 Columbia Blue, Red
Seneca East Tigers Attica 6:20 Orange, Black
Upper Sandusky Rams Upper Sandusky 4:12 Black, Orange
Football joined in 2015
Wynford Royals Bucyrus 6:20 Royal Blue, Gray

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Region Colors[9] Tenure
Crestline Bulldogs Crestline 7:24 Blue, White

League championships[edit]

Boys championships[10][edit]

School Year Football Cross Country Golf Basketball Swimming Wrestling Baseball Track & Field
2014-15 Wynford Colonel Crawford Mohawk Colonel Crawford Colonel Crawford Mohawk Seneca East Colonel Crawford
2015-16 Wynford Colonel Crawford Mohawk Upper Sandusky No Champion Mohawk Winford Colonel Crawford
2016-17 Colonel Crawford Mohawk

Girls championships[11][edit]

School Year Volleyball Cross Country Golf Basketball Swimming Softball Track & Field
2014-15 Upper Sandusky Mohawk No Champion Carey Colonel Crawford Upper Sandusky Colonel Crawford
2015-16 Upper Sandusky Seneca East No Champion Carey No Champion Colonel Crawford, Upper Sandusky Colonel Crawford
2016-17 Buckeye Central Carey Buckeye Central


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