Northern Albania

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Northern Albania

Shqipëria veriore
Country Albania
 • Total10,829 km2 (4,181 sq mi)
 • Total837,453
 • Density77/km2 (200/sq mi)
NUTS codeAL01
Northern Albania is in red.

Northern Albania is one of the three NUTS-2 Regions of Albania.[1] It usually denotes to the northern half of the country inhabited by the Ghegs, who predominantly live in the mountainous north of the Shkumbin river.[2] This ethnographical territory is sometimes referred to as Gegëria.[3] However the area inhabited by Gheg Albanians is not always identical to the area often referred to as "Northern Albania", as the Gheg inhabited regions of Durres, Tirana, Elbasan, Kavaje, Bulqize, and occasionally Kruje, Mat, and Diber, are often excluded from "Northern Albania" and instead included in "Central Albania".


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