Northern Chakavian

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Northern Chakavian
sjevernočakavski dijalekt
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Glottolog None

Northern Chakavian (Serbo-Croatian: sjevernočakavski dijalekt) is a subdialect of the Chakavian dialect of Serbo-Croatian. It is spoken in eastern Istria, outskirts of Žminj and Pazin, Croatian Littoral up to Bakar, on the islands of Cres and northern Lošinj, north of Middle Chakavian.

The speech of the major Croatian city Rijeka used to belong to this dialect, but under the influence of Shtokavian immigrants a local idiom developed that lost most of the characteristical Chakavian features.

In this dialect Common Slavic yat phoneme yielded /e/, and only exceptionally /i/ (e.g. divõjka 'maiden, girl' < Common Slavic *děvojka).