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The Northern Constitution is a weekly newspaper in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.[1] It was founded in 1875 under the title Coleraine Constitution and Northern Counties Advertiser, and was renamed to its current title in 1908.[2]

It is notable for having featured a column entitled Songs of the People, from 17 November 1923 until 9 December 1939, which had been sponsored by the paper's assistant editor at the time, Bob Bacon, who became its editor from 1927 until 1952.[3]:6,10 Bacon had seen the value of publishing a regular series on folk-songs after witnessing the enthusiastic efforts of Sam Henry, who became the newspaper's Song Editor from the column's inception until 28 July 1928 and again—after a long illness—from 22 October 1932 until the end of the series, on 9 December 1939.[4]:xxx During his tenure, Henry contributed just under 690 songs of high quality.[4]:xxviii


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