Northern Counties Paladin

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Northern Counties Paladin
Northern Counties Paladin 2.jpg
A Paladin body with the barrel-shaped front and quarterlights, on Volvo B10B chassis.
Manufacturer Northern Counties
Production 1991–1998
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2
Floor type Step entrance
Length 8.5m to 12.0m
Width 3.1m
Height 3.4m
Successor Plaxton Prestige
Plaxton Pointer

The Northern Counties Paladin, also badged as the Plaxton Paladin towards the end of production, is a step-entrance single-decker bus body built by Northern Counties of Wigan, UK, between 1991 and 1998. The replacements for the Paladon are the Prestige and the Pointer as low-floor models for the Paladin LF.

Paladin rear

The Paladin was built on several different chassis types:

Three different shapes of windscreen were fitted to Paladins. One was of gentle "barrel shaped" curvature, with deep quarterlights. This was used throughout the production run, being fitted to both the earliest vehicles and to the last batches built. An upright "wrap-around" screen was used on the majority of midi-sized Paladin bodies (on Dennis Dart and Volvo B6 chassis), whilst a double-curvature screen was fitted to some Scania and DAF full-sized vehicles.

Some bodies built towards the end of production were given Plaxton body numbers, in which the Paladin was identified by the letter G.

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