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Northern Ireland is divided into 18 Parliamentary constituencies: 4 borough constituencies in Belfast and 14 county constituencies elsewhere. Section 33 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 provides that the constituencies for the Northern Ireland Assembly are the same as the constituencies that are used for the United Kingdom Parliament.[1] Parliamentary constituencies are not used for local government, which is instead carried out by 11 district councils; these often have different boundaries.

Each constituency returns one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons at Westminster and five Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) to the devolved Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont. Six MLAs were returned per constituency until the Assembly Members (Reduction of Numbers) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016 reduced the number to five, effective from the 2017 Assembly election.[2]

NI Parliamentary Constituencies 2010 (large labels).svg

2015 General Election[edit]

  Democratic Unionist   Sinn Féin   Social Democratic and Labour   Ulster Unionist   Alliance Party   Traditional Unionist Voice   Independent   People Before Profit
The data in this table is from the BBC Election Website.
Full official results for the 2015 General Election in Northern Ireland can be found on the website of the Electoral Office of Northern Ireland.[3]

Name[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Unionist % Nationalist % Other % Map
Belfast East BC 63,157 2,597 Gavin Robinson Naomi Long 52.1 2.4 45.5
A very small constituency, located in the east of the country.
Belfast North BC 68,553 5,326 Nigel Dodds Gerry Kelly 47.0 42.1 10.8
A very small constituency, located in the east of the country
Belfast South BC 64,927 906 Alasdair McDonnell Jonathan Bell 37.7 38.4 23.8
A very small constituency, located in the East of the country.
Belfast West BC 62,697 12,365 Paul Maskey Gerry Carroll 13.2 64.0 22.7
A very small constituency, located in the East of the country.
East Antrim CC 62,811 5,795 Sammy Wilson Roy Beggs, Jr. 73.1 11.8 15.0
A medium-sized constituency, located in the East of the country.
East Londonderry CC 66,926 7,804 Gregory Campbell Caoimhe Archibald 58.8 32.1 9.1
A fairly large constituency, located in the north of the country.
Fermanagh & South Tyrone CC 70,108 530 Tom Elliott Michelle Gildernew 46.4 50.8 2.8
A very large constituency, comprising the southwest area of the country.
Foyle CC 70,036 6,046 Mark Durkan Gearóid Ó Heára 18.3 79.5 2.3
A medium-sized constituency found in the south east of the county.
Lagan Valley CC 71,152 13,000 Jeffrey Donaldson Alexander Redpath 74.9 9.2 15.8
A medium constituency located inland, in the southeast of the country.
Mid Ulster CC 67,832 13,617 Francie Molloy Sandra Overend 35.8 61.1 3.1
A medium constituency, located slightly to the north and west of the centre of the country.
Newry & Armagh CC 77,633 4,176 Mickey Brady Danny Kennedy 33.1 65.2 1.7
A medium constituency in the south of the country.
North Antrim CC 75,876 11,546 Ian Paisley, Jr. Timothy Gaston 75.2 19.3 5.6
A large constituency in the north of the county.
North Down CC 64,207 9,202 Sylvia Hermon Alex Easton 83.2 1.8 14.9
A medium-sized constituency found in the south east of the county.
South Antrim CC 67,425 949 Danny Kinahan William McCrea 69.1 21.1 9.8
A medium constituency located in the extreme south west of the county.
South Down CC 75,220 5,891 Margaret Ritchie Chris Hazzard 25.3 70.8 3.8
A medium constituency located in the centre of the county. Due to the elongated shape of the county, no constituencies border it to the north or the south despite its central location.
Strangford CC 64,289 10,185 Jim Shannon Robert Burgess 76.7 9.5 13.8
A small constituency. It is situated in the south west of the county, although it borders another constituency located further south west.
Upper Bann CC 80,060 2,264 David Simpson Jo-Anne Dobson 61.0 33.6 5.5
A large constituency in the north of the county.
West Tyrone CC 63,856 10,060 Pat Doherty Tom Buchanan 34.2 60.2 5.6
A medium-sized constituency found in the south east of the county.
  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.

Historical representation by party[edit]

Where a cell is marked → (with a different colour of background to the preceding cell) it indicates that the previous MP continued to sit under a new party affiliation.

1832 to 1885[edit]


Constituency 1832 1835 35 1837 38 41 1841 45 1847 52 1852 52 53 1857 1859 60 63 63 1865 66 1868 69 73 1874 78 1880 85
Antrim J. O'Neill Alexander E. Pakenham T. Pakenham G. H. Seymour H. Seymour Chaine Sinclair
G. Chichester Irving H. B. Seymour E. C. Macnaghten Macartney Upton E. O'Neill E. MacNaghten
Belfast A. Chichester McCance Dunbar Gibson J. Tennent R. Tennent Davison Getty Johnston Ewart
J. Tennent --> G. Chichester Dunbar Johnson A. Chichester --> Cairns Lanyon McClure Corry
Carrickfergus C. Dobbs Kirk Stapleton-Cotton W. Dobbs Torrens Dalway Greer
Lisburn Meynell H. B. Seymour J. Tennent Smyth Richardson --> Barbour Verner Wallace

1885 to 1918 (25 MPs)[edit]

  Conservative Party   Irish Unionist then Ulster Unionist   Independent Unionist   Russellite Unionist   Liberal Unionist   Liberal Party   Irish Parliamentary Party   Irish National Federation   Healyite Nationalist

Constituency 1885 86 1886 87 89 90 91 92 1892 1895 96 98 99 00 1900 02 03 05 1906 06 07 08 09 Jan 1910 10 Dec 1910 11 13 14 15 16 17 18
East Antrim J. McCalmont R. McCalmont
Mid Antrim R. O'Neill A. O'Neill H. O'Neill
North Antrim Macnaghten Lewis Connor H. McCalmont Moore Glendinning Kerr-Smiley
South Antrim Ellison-Macartney Craig
Mid Armagh McKane Corry --> Barton Lonsdale Lonsdale
North Armagh Saunderson Moore Allen
South Armagh Blane McHugh J. Campbell McKillop O'Neill Donnelly
Belfast East de Cobain Wolff McMordie Sharman-Crawford
Belfast North Ewart Harland Haslett Dixon Clark Thompson
Belfast South Johnston Sloan Chambers Lindsay
Belfast West Haslett Sexton Arnold-Forster Devlin
East Down Ker Rentoul Wood Craig
North Down Waring Blakiston-Houston Corbett Mitchell-Thomson
South Down Small McCartan McVeagh
West Down A. W. Hill A. Hill Liddell AW Hill MacCaw
North Fermanagh Redmond Dane Archdale Mitchell Fetherstonhaugh Archdale
South Fermanagh H. Campbell McGilligan Jordan Crumley
Londonderry City Lewis J. McCarthy Ross Knox Moore Hamilton Hogg Dougherty
North Londonderry Mulholland Atkinson Barrie
South Londonderry Healy Lea Gordon Henry
Newry J. H. McCarthy Carvill Mooney
East Tyrone Reynolds Doogan Kettle Redmond Harbison
Mid Tyrone Kenny Murnaghan Brunskill McGhee
North Tyrone E. Hamilton F. Hamilton Hemphill Dodd Barry Russell
South Tyrone O'Brien Russell Horner Coote

1918 to 1922 (29 MPs)[edit]

  Ulster Unionist   Independent Unionist   Labour Unionist   Nationalist Party   Sinn Féin

Constituency 1918 19 21 22 22
Antrim East McCalmont Hanna
Antrim Mid O'Neill
Antrim North Kerr-Smiley
Antrim South Craig
Armagh Mid Lonsdale Armstrong
Armagh North Allen
Armagh South Donnelly
Belfast Cromac Lindsay
Belfast Duncairn Carson McConnell
Belfast Falls Devlin
Belfast Ormeau Moles
Belfast Pottinger Dixon
Belfast Shankill McGuffin
Belfast St Anne's Burn
Belfast Victoria Donald
Belfast Woodvale Lynn
Down East Reid
Down Mid Craig Sharman-Crawford
Down North Brown Wilson Simms
Down South McVeagh
Down West Wilson Wallace Hayes
Fermanagh North Archdale
Fermanagh South O'Μahony
Londonderry City MacNeill
Londonderry North Anderson Barrie Macnaghten
Londonderry South Henry Chichester Pain
Tyrone North-East Harbison
Tyrone North-West Griffith
Tyrone South Coote

1922 to 1950 (13 MPs)[edit]

  Ulster Unionist   Ulster Progressive Unionist   Independent Unionist   New Party   Northern Ireland Labour   Independent Labour   Federation of Labour   Irish Labour   Nationalist Party

Constituency 1922 1923 1924 29 1929 31 1931 34 1935 38 39 40 43 43 1945 46 48 49

(Two members)

Craig McConnell Campbell Haughton
Armagh Allen Harden
Belfast East Dixon Harland Cole
Belfast North McConnell Somerset Neill
Belfast South Moles Stewart Gage
Belfast West Lynn Allen Browne Beattie

(Two members)

Reid Little Mullan
Simms Vane-Tempest-Stewart Smiles
Fermanagh and Tyrone

(Two members)

Harbison Pringle Harbison Healy Cunningham
Healy Falls Devlin Stewart Mulvey
Londonderry Macnaghten Ross
Queen's University of Belfast Whitla Sinclair Savory

1950 to 1983 (12 MPs)[edit]

Unionist parties:   Ulster Unionist   Protestant Unionist (pre-1971) / Democratic Unionist (post-1971)   Vanguard Unionist   Conservative Party   Independent Unionist   Ulster Popular Unionist
Nationalist parties:   Independent Republican   Unity   Nationalist Party   Anti H-Block (pre-1982) / Sinn Féin (post-1982)   Irish Labour   Republican Labour   Social Democratic and Labour
Other:   Alliance   Independent

Constituency 1950 51 1951 52 53 54 1955 57 59 1959 63 1964 1966 69 1970 70 71 72 73 Feb 74 Oct 74 75 77 78 1979 80 81 81 82
Antrim North H. O'Neill P. O'Neill Clark Paisley
Antrim South Savory Cunningham Molyneaux
Armagh Harden Armstrong Maginnis McCusker
Belfast East McKibbin McMaster Craig Robinson
Belfast North Hyde Mills Carson McQuade
Belfast South Gage Campbell Pounder Bradford Smyth
Belfast West Teevan3 Beattie McLaughlin Kilfedder Fitt
Down North Smiles Ford Currie Kilfedder
Down South Orr Powell
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Healy Grosvenor1 Hamilton McManus West Maguire Sands Carron -->
Londonderry Ross Wellwood Chichester-Clark Ross
Mid Ulster Mulvey O'Neill Forrest2 Devlin Dunlop

1The constituency was won by Philip Clarke of Sinn Féin, but he was unseated on petition on the basis that his criminal conviction (for Irish Republican Army activity) made him ineligible. Instead, the seat was awarded to the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) candidate.

2The seat was originally won by Tom Mitchell of Sinn Féin, but Mitchell was subsequently unseated upon petition, on the grounds that his terrorist convictions made him ineligible to sit in Parliament. The seat was awarded to Charles Beattie of the UUP. However, Beattie in turn was also found ineligible to sit due to holding an office of profit under the crown, triggering a further by-election.

3original winner of the 1950 election in that seat, James Godfrey MacManaway (UUP), disqualified due to being a clergyman. Teevan won the subsequent by-election

1983 to present (17, then 18 MPs)[edit]

  Democratic Unionist   Sinn Féin   Social Democratic and Labour   Ulster Unionist   Alliance Party   Independent   Ulster Popular Unionist   UK Unionist Party

Constituency 1983 86 1987 90 1992 95 1997 00 2001 04 2005 10 2010 11 13 2015
Antrim East Beggs Wilson
Antrim North Paisley Paisley Jr.
Antrim South Forsythe McCrea Burnside McCrea Kinahan
Upper Bann McCusker Trimble Simpson
Belfast East P. Robinson Long G. Robinson
Belfast North Walker Dodds
Belfast South Smyth1 McDonnell
Belfast West Adams Hendron Adams Maskey
Down North Kilfedder McCartney Hermon
Down South Powell McGrady Ritchie
Fermanagh and South Tyrone Maginnis Gildernew Elliott
Foyle Hume Durkan
Lagan Valley Molyneaux Donaldson
Londonderry East Ross Campbell
Newry and Armagh Nicholson Mallon Murphy Brady
Strangford Taylor I. Robinson Shannon
West Tyrone Thompson Doherty
Mid Ulster McCrea McGuinness Molloy

2018 Review[edit]

As part of the Sixth Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies, in September 2016 the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland published the following 17 proposed constituencies. Following the completion of a public consultation period, it is due to submit a final report to the Secretary of State on 1 October 2018.[4] Every constituency has boundary changes; the most novel arrangements are described in relation to the current constituencies.

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