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Northern Ireland
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AssociationNetball Northern Ireland
ConfederationNetball Europe (Europe)
Head coachElaine Rice
CaptainNoleen Lennon
INF ranking8
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Team colours
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Team colours
World Championships
2015 placing8th
Best result7th (1983)
Commonwealth Games
2018 placing8th

The Northern Ireland national netball team represent Northern Ireland in international netball. The Northern Ireland team are presently coached by former representative captain Elaine Rice. During Rice's time as head coach, Northern Ireland have won the 2009 Nations Cup in Singapore, and came third in the 2011 European Netball Championships in Antrim.[1] The team qualified for the 2011 World Netball Championships in Singapore,[2] where they progressed to their first ever finals stage, eventually finishing 8th. As of 7 March 2018, Northern Ireland are ranked 8th on the INF World Rankings.[3]


Twelve players were selected to represent Northern Ireland at the 2011 World Netball Championships in Singapore, from 3–10 July. The team are presently captained by Belfast shooter Noleen Lennon.[4][5]

Northern Ireland national netball team
Player name Positions Club
Kyla Bowman GA, GS, GK Larkfield
Micaela Brunton WD Belfast Ladies
Frances Campbell WD Belfast Ladies
Gemma Gibney GK Graduates
Hannah Irvine GA Graduates
Noleen Lennon (c) GS Belfast Ladies
Laura Mason WA, C Larkfield
Lisa McCaffrey (vc) C Larkfield
Deborah McCarthy GD, GK Graduates
Oonagh McCullough GA Graduates
Caroline O'Hanlon GA Larkfield
Fionnuala Toner WD Belfast Ladies

The following players are currently in the national open squad.[6]

Northern Ireland Open Squad
Player name Positions Club
Niamh Cooper WD Graduates
Michelle Drayne WA, C, WD Larkfield
Gemma Gibney GK Graduates
Nordia Masters GD, GK Larkfield
Lisa Somerville GS Larkfield
Noleen Lennon GS, GK Belfast Ladies
Hannah Willis (c) WA Graduates
Lisa McCaffrey WA, C Graduates
Maria Toner Belfast Ladies
Oonagh McCullough GA, GS Graduates
Caroline O'Hanlon C, WA Larkfield
Fionnuala Toner WD Belfast Ladies

Coaching staff[edit]

  • Head coach: Elaine Rice (née McLaughlin)
  • Assistant coach: Clar Rois McGuinness
  • Manager: Karen Rollo

Competitive history[edit]

Netball World Cup
Year Championship Location Placing
1963 1st World Championships Eastbourne, England 11th
1967 2nd World Championships Perth, Australia DNP
1971 3rd World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 8th
1975 4th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand 9th
1979 5th World Championships Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 17th
1983 6th World Championships Singapore 7th
1987 7th World Championships Glasgow, Scotland 10th
1991 8th World Championships Sydney, Australia 12th
1995 9th World Championships Birmingham, England 18th
1999 10th World Championships Christchurch, New Zealand 16th
2003 11th World Championships Kingston, Jamaica 19th
2007 12th World Championships Auckland, New Zealand DNP
2011 13th World Championships Singapore 8th
2015 14th World Cup Sydney, Australia DNQ
Other results for Northern Ireland
Tournament Location Placing
2007 Nations Cup Singapore Med 3.png 3rd
2009 Nations Cup Singapore Med 1.png 1st
2010 European Netball Championships Cardiff, Wales 4th
2011 European Netball Championships Antrim, Northern Ireland Med 3.png 3rd
2014 Commonwealth Games Glasgow, Scotland 7th
2015 Nations Cup Singapore Med 1.png 1st

Results at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland[edit]

24 July 2014
Report Malawi   71 – 50  Northern Ireland    SECC Precinct
Gary Burgess (ENG)
Rachael Ayre (AUS)
Reserve umpire:
Clare McCabe (AUS)
Chimaliro Goals scored 6/7 (86%)
Kumwenda Goals scored 44/47 (94%)
Simtowe Goals scored 21/21 (100%)
Lennon Goals scored 20/21 (95%)
McCullough Goals scored 9/18 (50%)
Somerville Goals scored 21/26 (81%)

25 July 2014
Report Jamaica   65 – 34  Northern Ireland    SECC Precinct
Tracy Smith (ENG)
Clare McCabe (AUS)
Reserve umpire:
Yvonne Morgan (NZL)
Beckford Goals scored 12/16 (75%)
Harwood Goals scored 4/7 (57%)
Reid Goals scored 19/55 (35%)
Lennon Goals scored 13/21 (62%)
McCullough Goals scored 9/16 (56%)
Somerville Goals scored 12/17 (71%)

27 July 2014
Report Northern Ireland   29 – 78  New Zealand    SECC Precinct
Michelle Phippard (AUS)
Marie-Louw van der Merve (RSA)
Reserve umpire:
Clare McCabe (AUS)
Lennon Goals scored 17/22 (77%)
McCullough Goals scored 5/14 (36%)
Somerville Goals scored 7/9 (78%)
Brown Goals scored 45/52 (87%)
Francois Goals scored 0/1 (0%)
Latu Goals scored 32/34 (94%)
Tutaia Goals scored 1/2 (50%)

28 July 2014
Report Northern Ireland   61 – 40  Saint Lucia    SECC Precinct
Terrence Peart (JAM)
Clare McCabe (AUS)
Reserve umpire:
Theresa Prince (RSA)
Lennon Goals scored 35/38 (92%)
McCullough Goals scored 14/20 (70%)
Somerville Goals scored 11/14 (79%)
Altifois-Fenelon Goals scored 7/12 (58%)
Laurencin Goals scored 9/11 (82%)
Maxwell Goals scored 24/32 (75%)
Toner Goals scored 1/3 (33%)

30 July 2014
Report Scotland   32 – 37  Northern Ireland    SECC Precinct
Rachael Ayre (AUS)
Joshua Bowring (AUS)
Reserve umpire:
Tracy Smith (ENG)
Gallagher Goals scored 19/24 (79%)
MacDonald Goals scored 13/16 (81%)
Pettitt Goals scored 0/1 (0%)
Lennon Goals scored 32/48 (67%)
McCullough Goals scored 5/10 (50%)

Seventh place match[edit]

1 August 2014
Report Northern Ireland   58 – 36  Wales    SECC Precinct
Yvonne Morgan (NZL)
Michelle Phippard (AUS)
Reserve umpire:
Marie-Louw Van Der Merve (RSA)
McCullough Goals scored 12/17 (71%)
Somerville Goals scored 46/53 (87%)
James Goals scored 7/9 (78%)
Lewis Goals scored 21/27 (78%)
Moseley Goals scored 7/14 (50%)
Thomas Goals scored 1/3 (33%)


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