List of MPs for constituencies in Northern Ireland 2015–17

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List of MPs for constituencies in Northern Ireland 2015–17

United Kingdom general election, 2015 (Northern Ireland).svg
Colours on map indicate the party allegiance of each constituency's MP.

This is a list of Members of Parliament (MPs) elected to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom by Northern Irish constituencies for the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom (2015 to 2017). There are 18 such constituencies, 11 of which are represented by Unionists and seven by Nationalists. It includes both MPs elected at the 2015 general election, held on 7 May 2015, and those subsequently elected in by-elections.

The list is sorted by the name of the MP, and MPs who did not serve throughout the Parliament are italicised. New MPs elected since the general election are noted at the bottom of the page.

Sinn Féin MPs follow an abstentionist policy of not taking their seats in the House of Commons.

Current composition[edit]

Affiliation Members
Democratic Unionist 8
Sinn Féin 4
Ulster Unionist 2
Independent Unionist 1
 Total 18


MP Constituency Party In constituency since
Campbell, GregoryGregory Campbell East Londonderry Democratic Unionist 2001
Dodds, NigelNigel Dodds Belfast North Democratic Unionist 2001
Doherty, PatPat Doherty West Tyrone Sinn Féin 2001
Donaldson, JeffreyJeffrey Donaldson Lagan Valley Democratic Unionist 1997
Durkan, MarkMark Durkan Foyle SDLP 2005
Elliott, TomTom Elliott Fermanagh and South Tyrone Ulster Unionist 2015
Hermon, SylviaSylvia Hermon North Down Independent Unionist 2001
Robinson, GavinGavin Robinson Belfast East Democratic Unionist 2015
Kinahan, DannyDanny Kinahan South Antrim Ulster Unionist 2015
McDonnell, AlasdairAlasdair McDonnell Belfast South SDLP 2005
Molloy, FrancieFrancie Molloy Mid Ulster Sinn Féin 2013 by-election
Maskey, PaulPaul Maskey Belfast West Sinn Féin 2011 by-election
Brady, MickeyMickey Brady Newry and Armagh Sinn Féin 2015
Paisley, Jr., IanIan Paisley, Jr. North Antrim Democratic Unionist 2010
Ritchie, MargaretMargaret Ritchie South Down SDLP 2010
Shannon, JimJim Shannon Strangford Democratic Unionist 2010
Simpson, DavidDavid Simpson Upper Bann Democratic Unionist 2005
Wilson, SammySammy Wilson East Antrim Democratic Unionist 2005

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