Northern Kalapuya language

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Northern Kalapuya
Native toUnited States
RegionNorthwest Oregon
Extinct1937, with the death of Louis Kenoyer
  • Tualatin-Yamhill
  • Tualatin
  • Yamhill
Language codes
ISO 639-3nrt

Northern Kalapuyan is a Kalapuyan language indigenous to northwestern Oregon in the United States. It was spoken by Kalapuya groups in the northern Willamette Valley southwest of present-day Portland.

Three distinct dialects of the language have been identified. The Tualatin dialect (Tfalati, Atfalati) was spoken along the Tualatin River. The Yamhill (Yamhala) dialect was spoken along the Yamhill River. The language is closely related to Central Kalapuya, spoken by related groups in the central and southern Willamette Valley.

Northern Kalapuya is now extinct. The last speaker was Louis Kenoyer who died in 1937.[2]


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