Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives

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Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives
22nd Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Edmund Villagomez (I/D)
Vice Speaker
Blas Jonathan Attao (R)
Floor Leader
Ralph Yumul (R)
Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives 2020.svg
Political groups
  • Majority caucus (10)
  •   Democratic (8)
  •   Independent Dem. (2)
  • Minority caucus (9)
  •   Republican (8)
  •   Independent Rep. (1)
  • Vacant (1)

The Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives is the lower house of the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth Legislature.

In the 2007 election cycle, the CNMI House membership was increased from 18 to 20. Representatives serve two-year terms and are elected from seven election districts:

The Speaker of the Northern Mariana Islands House of Representatives is chosen by the House from among its members.[1]

Composition of the House of Representatives[edit]

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority/plurality)
Republican Independent Democratic Covenant Vacant
End of 18th Legislature 4 12 0 4 20 0
19th Legislature 7 13 0 0 20 0
20th Legislature 15 5 0 0 20 0
21st Legislature 13 7 0 0 20 0
Begin 22nd Legislature 9 1 2 8 0 20 0
July 23, 2021 8 19 1
Latest voting share 47.4% 52.6%


For the 22nd Legislature, Edmund Villagomez was elected Speaker, Blas Jonathan Attao was elected Vice Speaker, and Ralph Yumul was elected Floor Leader.[2]

Office Representative Party
Speaker of the House Edmund Villagomez Independent
Vice Speaker Blas Jonathan Attao Republican
Floor Leader Ralph Yumul Republican

Members of the 22nd Legislature[edit]

In the 2020 general election, the Republican Party won nine seats, a resurgent Democratic Party won eight seats, and three seats were won by independents. Two of those independents, Edmund Joseph Sablan Villagomez and Donald Manalang Manglona, are aligned with the Democratic Party while Joseph Flores is aligned with the Republican Party.[3] On July 23, 2021, the death of 3rd district representative Ivan A. Blanco created a vacancy, which will be filled in an October 16 special election.[4]

District Name Party
1 - Saipan Roy Christopher Aldan Ada Republican
Celina Roberto Babauta Democratic
Angel Demapan Republican
Joseph Arriola Flores Independent
Joseph Leepan Tenorio Guerrero Republican
Edwin Kenneth Propst Democratic
2 - Saipan Christina-Marie Elise Sablan Democratic
John Paul Palacios Sablan Republican
3 - Saipan Blas Jonathan Attao Republican
Edmund Joseph Sablan Villagomez Independent
Ralph Naraja Yumul Republican
Vicente Castro Camacho Democratic
Denita Kaipat Yangetmai Democratic
4 - Saipan Sheila Therese Babauta Democratic
Joel Castro Camacho Republican
5 - Saipan Leila Haveia Fleming Clark Staffler Democratic
Richard Tudela Lizama Democratic
6 - Tinian Patrick Hofschneider San Nicolas Republican
7 - Rota Donald Mangloña Independent

Past composition of the House of Representatives[edit]

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