Northern Mariana Islands general election, 2005

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General elections were held in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) on Saturday, 5 November 2005, electing the Governor and Legislature. There was also a referendum on calling a Constitutional Convention, which was approved by voters.[1] The gubernatorial election was the closest in the commonwealth's history, and resulted in the election of Benigno Fitial, narrowly defeating independent Heinz Hofschneider by 84 votes and incumbent Republican Governor Juan N. Babauta by an additional 98 votes.


The referendum on the Constitutional Convention was called in order to comply with Chapter XVIII, article 2 of the constitution, which required a referendum to be held at least every ten years on convening such a convention.[1] A referendum had been due in 2003 as the last referendum had been in 1993, but the Legislature had failed to organise it.[1]

15,118 people registered with the Election Commission to vote.[2]


Four candidates ran for Governor, each with a running mate:



Candidate Party Votes %
Benigno Fitial Covenant Party 3,766 27.95
Heinz Hofschneider Independent 3,682 27.33
Juan Babauta Republican Party 3,584 26.60
Froilan Tenorio Democratic Party 2,440 18.11
Total 13,472 100
Source: Commonwealth Election Commission


e • d Summary of the 5 November 2005 Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature election results
Parties Seats
House Senate
Covenant Party 7 3
Republican Party 7 3
Democratic Party 2 2
Independent 2 1
Total 18 9


Choice Votes %
For 7,394 58.92
Against 5,156 41.08
Invalid/blank votes
Total 12,550 100
Registered voters/turnout 15,118
Source: Direct Democracy


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